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NGK spark plugs for a Honda Accord at $9.99? When the dealer and everyone else sells them for over $20 each?

If it's too good to be true, it is. The NGK plug is their BAIT AND SWITCH PLUG. They lure you to the store, then tell you they don't have it. All they have are junk spark plugs.

And now I'm beginning to suspect that the fluids they sell are adulterated. I wouldn't put it past them to do such a thing.

Autozone is a criminal enterprise which must be investigated. I'll never shop there again.

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Yea its wierd cars that got 4 spark plugs require iridium plugs that cost 6 to 8 bucks and cars tbat require 6 end up paying almost da same amount I believe that there is somethin fishy going on.


Not really sure what you mean by this. I've never had this problem.

I just bought NGK plugs there yesterday and they had plenty in stock.

They were $2.29 per plug. Ten dollars per plug is insane for basic NGKs!


Sounds like you dont know anything about cars. How the *** do you tamper with fluids, ***.


Autozone doesn't bait and switch sparkplugs there, sparky. They look up a part according to what information "you" give them...the screen which is available for you to see on the counter then shows all available plugs for that particular vehicle.

YOU choose what it is that you want, they go to the shelf and get it for you. Where's the bait and switch there?

As for altering fluids, don't be an ***. They suck to work for but they don't do any baiting and're the DYI'er, they just get you what you ask for so if you got something wrong, it wasn't them.


Worst customer service ever. District manager is a *** :x

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