Des Plaines, Illinois

I bought a pair of RainX wipers last week. My current wipers were shot so I replaced them at the store parking lot(like I have many a times before).

Threw old ones away along with boxing and receipt. Who needs receipts for wipers? Anyway a week later and one of them(the drivers side)wipers has failed. It's like it's been cupt along the whole wiper.

So it streaks. Went there today and explained myself to the man and he told me no receipt no exchange. But they have your sale on there computers. Why can't he just pull it up?

Well *** guys!! Never will buy another product from you thieves!

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Yep...these are the people we deal with every day...


"who need a receipt for wipers?" I guess you did as that is the only way the store can easily track your purchase. Even if they did manage to find the receipt number among the hundreds of customers they have each day, they are doing you a favor by refunding a part that has no warranty.

If you had kept the package you will also find most manufacturers offer a warranty on their products concerning defects. It's *** to blame the store for your actions to protect your own purchase.

It's like asking a car dealer to pay for your car insurance and manitainence.


do me a favor ask yourself about any thing you sell at your store,wheat ever company you may work for, and ask yourself do you like half the product you sell,i'm willing to bet you get simmilar problems with the *** i'm sure you sell?


@Kay, that's actually not true. They only store items with a warranty. Anything else you buy is not tracked by your phone number or any other means.


Autozone doesn't store every thing that you buy, only items with a warranty, which wiper blades do not come with. As others have said, every where sells RainX, not just Autozone, so direct your anger at the manufacturer, not the retail store that sells it. And always keep your receipts, you can use them as a tax write off for vehicle maintenance.


Autozone doesn't manufacturer the wipers. Why not get a hold of the manufacturer. :zzz


Contact me with the date you bought them and the store location. I will probably find it on the electronic journal and then I can make you a duplicate reciept I work at the corporate office in Memphis


If Autozone has your phone number on record then they can look that up and do a refund or exchange that way. If you refused to do that, then no they do not have to refund or do an exchange.

You are responsible for what you do with your receipts.

BTW, it is not like Autozone manufactured and sold you faulty wipers.

I have had bad wipers from Advanced, Walmart, etc. Lucky me, I keep my receipt for a time so I never had an issue getting an exchange or refund.


Last time I checked, RainX makes RainX wiper blades not Autozone and they are sold everywhere. Maybe you got a bad one - that happens but show me a store that will take back merchandise without a receipt. I don't think any of those stores exist anymore.

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