Autozone supplied a part that failed multiple times. I purchased an Airtex fuel pump from Autozone which quickly went bad and was told by that the problem could be fixed only by getting a new part.

It was stated that the old fuel pump randomly failed due to unknown reasons. I purchased the new part which again failed due to the exact same problem. The internal fuel pump rubber hose connecting the assembly and pump is not designed for fuels which contain ethanol or other legally mandated additives. Autozone is selling very old stock which can not work with modern gasoline.

After the second failure I brought back the fuel pump and showed the store manager how the internal rubber fuel line had "Melted" causing catastrophic failure.

He said that he had seen this problem before. Do an internet search for" bad fuel pumps Autozone".

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I will never again allow an Airtex part to be put in any vehicle of mine. I also recommend never listening to the store manager at the Autozone near me.

He tried to blame the failure on me and quite obviously has an issue with women who show even half a grain of intelligence.

The failure cost me several clients, lost income, and over $800.00 in repairs.

I am seriously considering taking Airtex to court so the learn to either develop a better product or to own up to the fact that they do not care what happens to drivers.

Thankfully, I was right across the street from m mechanic's house and was able to limp the truck into his driveway.

They are just *** lucky this did not happen to a vehicle with a family in it as it was driving on the interstate. Wonder what Airtex and Autozone would have claimed after it caused an accident.


Ethanol is destructive of rubber hoses and orings and legal or not, is extraordinarily harmful to engines and components. This is not Autozone, Airtex oe hose manufacturers faults. Call your congressmen and tell them to get corn out o gasoline and back on kitchen tables where it belongs.


Ethanol .... Sounds like flex fuel .... Cannot use non flex fuel pumps in flsx fuel engines *shrugs

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