Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have had reward card worth $ 20.00 for months evey time I go to buy something I cant spend the $ 20.00. They tell me some nonsense about the computer etc Then I call the customer service and they tell me I have $ 20,00 credit.

I needed a new battery. The City Ave Autozone in Philadelphia would not honor my $ 20.00 reward card so I walked out and went to Firestone. The autozone store was understaffed rude sales people rushed you every purchase.

Later I called on the phone was placed on hold till I gave up.

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You need to call the regional manager


Sounds like you such be telling them about the store employees more then about your rewards the call center can tell you have 20.00 in rewards but it the store that has to give them if then don't then report it to call center I have never been turned down on my they always try to get me to use my cause they don't want you to build up a lot to get free parts that cost then 100.00 of dollars






Not true


I took my $20.00 ticket for the reward to Autozone. They told me that I spent it already.

I told them I didn't spend. But they showed me that their computer showed I spent it already. I was very upset.

I went home and searched all my stores shopping receipts. I didn't spend a cent in AutoZone.

@Diana Shiu

Hey most of you guys keep only one card.most of the time you keep the one in your wallet disposing the keychain card . i have seen ppl throw the keycard away .somebody picks it up or maybe a family member steals your card when the keys are left hanging over night .the other thing that happens is for example your kid is 19 .they dont have card and they dont want to sign up for one. They use your phone and maybe you hit your fifth point guess what you got 3 months to use it .i know most of the time your relative wont let you know .


100% agree. I have been awarded $60.00 worth of credits but cannot use them because the online system doesn't give the option to use them.

When I'm adding things to my cart (online), it shows that with credits applied my order will cost less. When I go to checkoutm the discount.reward is not applied and there is no option to apply it. This has happened several times and doesn't matter if I use discount codes or not. It's a super sketchy "rewards" program.

I have been to a retail store a few times and they don;t even ask about using the rewards. They also require that you have the rewards card present.


Great store in NorCa, never a problem


never had a problem redeeming my points


hey John I've tried to use my rewards card and gotten the run around from advance auto. Its not a scam but its about as close as they can come to a scam without breaking the law.


That don't make the rewards program a scam just the stores employees not doing their jobs. I've used my card many times it's nice being able to get something extra after spending money


In no way is the Auto Zone rewards program a scam!!! I have redeemed my $20 reward numerous times and never have I had a problem.

Just to be clear... You earn 1 point for every purchase over $20, to maximize you points earned, only spend $20 (before taxes) on every trip you make to Auto Zone.

On five different days make one purchase over $20 (taxes do not count towards the $20) each day and I guarantee you will get the five points you need to get the $20 reward (assuming no product returns), you can track your progress online to see how many points or rewards you have and when they expire. You need your reward card to redeem the reward so if your card is lost, call the rewards department and ask for a replacement card or get a new card from any store and call Auto Zone rewards department and have them transfer your points or rewards to your new card.


Will never shop there aain so i had the coupon for my 20.00$ given to me by them so i had that and my number it was under but no card cause my wallet was stolen they wouldnt give me the 20.00$ sayinganyone could use how many people know my phone number and have the receipt really its a. Joke looks like O'Reilly will be getting my business

@Thoams .s

The best reward program is from advance auto part. You spend $30 or more before taxes, the company will send u a $5 coupon for next time u spend $20 they will deduct $5 dollars.

If you spend $100 or more they will send you a $20 off for a $50 dollars. And the best thing is the there's no limit of how many coupons you can get, but you can only use them 1 per transaction.

The next best thing is the its good for 6 month. They can enroll you with the phone number and they send it by email, the newest thing they have is that you can get it as s text.


Same *** just happen to me , got a new battery and from the get go the girl was acted like she didnt even want to be there and speed reading the list of batteries to me and than at check out said I cant use my rewards


This program is not user-firendly and is not intuitive: rewards are awarded without announcement or a reminder and then quickly expire. Remind me at the register when I have a reward or I won't know and so will lose out.

I feel like I'm being played by a corporation that happily takes my money and then hopes for breakage on my reward, and so I've decided that I will no longer shop at AutoZone. Basic maintenance supplies are much cheaper at WalMart, and for service parts there is Rock Auto.


They conveniently can't find my husband in the system when his battery died and was under warranty. He's had a rewards card for 20 years there and the same phone number for many many years and nothing works. I think it's a scam to.


Sounds like he was stepping out and going to Napa, lol


I use the rewards program for my oil changes. Ive been using the program since they started it and I’m surprised it’s still going.

It was made clear to me that you only get 1 point for every purchase made over $20. It never said per increment of $20.

That’s why I use it for oil change specials. I don’t buy parts from auto zone.

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