Naperville, Illinois

I've been using AutoZone rewards card for 2 yrs (approx. 4x/yr - all greater than $20).

Oddly enough, I've never been able to apply my rewards points. On multiple occasions, I've been told the scanner isn't reading my card properly or points were all erased because I didn't redeem within six months (even though I had purchased within the past month). After another purchase last month, I had finally earned 3 points, only to spent $117 today and watch the computer decrement my points to 2!

Yes, I went from 3 to 2 points AFTER spending >$100!! It's an ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I have also been a pretty loyal az customer but only have had a few rewards issues always some excuse of why I spend thousands a year but never get a card when I know I've spent over the required amount.


I was told I needed 1 more purchase of $20.00 or more four months ago. Since then I have made four more purchases of $20.00 or more .

I checked my points just now and I still have to make one more purchase to get the reward ! Lol . This is a joke . I thought I was losing my head until I read the posts on this site.

Wow Auto Zone ....that's lame !

Discontinue your"rewards" program lol rewards lol or honor the reports earned ! Cheesy !


same here, a big of nothing,, never works right,, today they wanted me to stand for less then fifteen mins until my card got up-dated. Left and went to oreillys and they priced match walmart prices which was better the auto zone.. Also watch advance as they purge your account, per store manager, 1-2yrs,, be sure to keep your faded out themo copy receipt for warranty.


Unbelievable! Trust me when I tell you there computer system sucks and your plight is not uncommon!

I work for Auto Zone and at the store level we have absolutely no way of fixing this problem at store level. It's RIDICULOUS! If you lose a card and want to keep points from the old card, we have to give you a new card without activating it. It is then on you to call and do the work for their promo!?!


From an AZ employee-who hates their job as much as you hate their customer service, we are powerless at the store level! So sorry you have had such horrible experiences.


"Autozone reserves the right to discontinue, restrict or change the Autozone rewards program ar any time without notice." I read that right off the back of the card. Don't wast your money on a lawyer, you will lose.


I just found out that I lost all of my points and was told that they are erased every year. I am thinking about starting a class action law suit as the program that I signed up with didn't have any of that.

My program had points for every $20 that I spent and they kept adding up until I used them. They never expired. One time I was able to make some nice improvements to my dash in my truck using only the rewards points.

Autozone, if you are listening....

There are a lot of people out there that are upset with your new unapproved policy concerning using or losing. I am collecting data now about how customers are upset about losing their points and dollars.

I will let you know how to get in on the law suit as soon as I get everything in place.

Thanks a lot Autozone..... You suck


You have a year to accumulate atleast 5 reward points and 3 months to use them once you've earned the 20$. While we can look up your phone number at the register end, you need the actual card to use the reward.


Each state has different regulations in the state of california they never expire ive seen hundreds of customers redeem their points even sold a motor to a customer who paid for it with their rewards points just an fyi not only for the whole 6 month time span in your state but also if anything on a transaction that qualified you for the point is returned then that point is then taken away from the card


The points earned should stay in your account till needed. When you open an account your personal information is stored for ever so why not your points.


See my previous comment... It is called "Terms and Conditions", either agree to them and take advantage of the program or don't. It is up to you...


This is an easy one... You obviously did not read the "Terms and Conditions".

Let me break it down for you... 1) You earn 1 point for qualifying purchases of $20.00 or more before tax. So it does not matter if you spend $20.01 or $500.00, you get 1 point. 2)That point is only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

So if you do not make 5 qualifying purchases with in 6 months of each other you will not get your credit. So...

Basically I am saying if you only use your card approx 4x a year you will never get your $20.00 in store credit... :x


You can feel free to give us a call 1(800) 741-9179 we will be glad to assist such a loyal customer like you.


You are a low information voter. I concluded this from your post.

I have seen dozens of AZ Reward cards with hundreds of dollars in available and redeemed credits.

I recommend that you read the "terms & conditions" at least 3 times to understand them. 8)

@the glibblenard


I purchased 4 shocks recently and was told I have $20.00 in rewards points

So I responded by saying

"Then let me get the C.T.S."

I was then told I have to have the card on my person to redeem points.

I have spent 1:38 on the phone today Guess what? Still had to pay for the $17.00+ C.T.S.

and still have yet to realize any REWARDS for shopping at autozone. So, since I am A.S.E. certified Since I personally maintain my family's vehicles covering an area from Sierra Vista Az to Detroit Mi, you lose my business autozone. Promising anything and then finding a loophole is fraud.

By by crooks I'll let advanced know who their biggest reference and business booster is. And why.


I work at the corporate office and I am sending this up to the group that oversees that program. send me an email at so I can have an email for them to respond to. I will follow up if you do not hear from them.


Call the number at the back of the card and explain to the customer service representative what's the problem is.

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