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Ever been stood up by an Autozone Regional Manager? Well, I have!

This *** called me last Friday to schedule an interview for employment for Monday @ 5pm. I'm currently unemployeed and thought, "Finally I can make some income to take care of my family." I showed up ten minutes early for the interview, walked in and informed one of employees at the counter that I was there to meet with David for a job interview. The employee looked dumb founded and told me, "Uh, he left about two hours ago. Said he was going home." The employee (who was extremely polite by the way) attempted to call this *** three times, leaving messages for him to call the store.

While I was there, a lady walked in and told the same employee that she was there for a 5pm interview with David. They explained the situation to her and we both waited for this guy to show up. Forty-five minutes of waiting around and nothing; no David, no call back to the store, nothing. Finally I was fed up with waiting and asked if I could leave him a message, and the employee said, "Yes Sir, just tell me and I'll make sure he gets it." I told the employee it would be best if I wrote it down, but he insisted.

So I gave him my message. "You tell David I said he could go F himself, and that I will make it my purpose in life to get his *** fired. That way when he's unemployeed he can feel the angry people like myslef feel when jerked around by some *** who can't manage his job and schedule properly." The poor employee's face turned red. He said he would give David the message, reluctantly.

I got the impression this employee didn't care to much for this David, so I left feeling pretty sure he would pass my message.

Here it is the next day and no phone call from this David to apologize for his error. Nor after writing a complaint to the AutoZone Corporate HQ lastnight, I received no response back from them.

Screw AutoZone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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With your attitude AZ should be thankful they did not hire you. You probably have no idea what the mamager that was going to interview you might have had happen.

There may have been an emergency that he had to respond to at home or another store. If this is how you go looking for a job then you deserve to have your unemployment run out and never have a job again.


yeah i would be mad to but take it has a sign you dont need to be there better things are coming


So how does this make you a pissed CONSUMER? Turd. :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz


you do not know how very lucky you are auto zone is one of the worse places to work the district managers are total idots they pay lousy and if your going into a manager job sales managers only last about 18 months if lucky you can make more money at Mc Donalds than being a red shirt at Autozone and if you happen to become ill or get hurt in a accident and are out from work for more than 3 days your fired I know i worked for them in management the place sucks glad to be outta there

@if you did not get the job

The truth right here

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