Lansing, Michigan

I have a fleet of vehicle and have serviced them with Auto Zone parts through my service provider for years, prior to my decision to use Autozone I maintained and account with CarQuest for over twenty years, Auto Zone offered a labor warranty which appealed to me so I started using them as a supplier of replacement parts now after 5yrs of purchasing parts and installing them on the vehicles, Auto Zone now says they will not pay the labor claims to the repair facility for fleet vehicles, I should have a grandfather clause to the date of this new rule being enacted, Keep in mind that we were constantly replacing these sub-standard Duralast parts, Alternators 3 to 4 times a years on the same vehicle in a one year period, this was fine, just the minor inconvenience of down time as long as they were willing to foot the bill for the junk parts they were selling, Now Auto Zone informed us they would no longer warranty the parts that I have purchased for my entire fleet for a period of 6yrs. I can see a Law Suite on the horizon.

Auto Zone parts i.e. Duralast made in MEXICO are sub Standard junk and when being used in a fleet capacity the parts are exposed for what they are SUB-STANDARD JUNK. People do yourselves a favor and purchase OEM parts for about 1/3 the cost more then Duracrap, the quality of Original equipment is night and day.

Here in Michigan we have and implied warranty law under the Consumer Protection Act, regardless of written claims that Autozone may make. One would expect to get reasonable use out of a part sold them by Autozone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Part Replacement.

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Back in the day...warranties on all parts stated....Warranty not valid when used in Fleet or Racing applications due to extreme wear and conditions encountered.

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