Butler, Pennsylvania
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I will never do business or recommend Auto Zone. We are having problems with our air conditioner in our van and so far the parts are no good.

We have been dealing with this off and on for two weeks, working on our third compresser along with the other parts. When I called the store to see why they won't pay for rental I was told by John that he had no knowledge and that my mechanic didn't contact them. He acted like he knew nothing about it or like I didn't know what I was talking about. Our mechanic got the parts from your store at least u can do is step up and take some responsibility.

I don't want to get my attorney involved but if I have to than so be it. All we want is u all to make this right and pay for all the labor and a rental car so we can get to the bottom.

Is this asking to much. I don't think so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That's like me saying I keep getting a new fuel pump from autozone and it always ends up failing so they should give me $300 and wipe my *** for the next 6 months. Well whoops, I never replaced my strainer no wonder it's not working.

There's more to it if your compressor keeps failing.

Fail on me once, shame on them.

Fail on me twice, can't put the blame on them.

Fail on me again, someone slap me while I stuck my thumb in my *** because I don't know what the *** I'm doing.


3 AC compressors and they are all bad? There's a whole lot more than the AC compressor to the HVAC system.

Could a simple broken wire to the pressure switch.

And every time a part fails, or wears out the parts supplier should rent a you a vehicle?


Wow you sound really ungrateful i get the frustration on parts but your asking an awful lot outta a company

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