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I ordered a K&N air filter from AutoZone online because the local AutoZone store does not stock my size, this is a $60 lifetime air filter. It arrived, K&N box with warranty, sticker, etc.

But the filter was not a K&N, it was a disposable Fram $10 filter. Had issues with AutoZone customer service, they hung up 3 times before telling me to go to the store for a credit. Called K&N and told them, they (K&N) told me they've had a number of emails regarding this type of problem from AutoZone online. K&N sent me one free for the trouble.

Looks like AutoZone shipping center in Memphis has some theft issues. I'm worried about my online account information.

Had to close my credit card because who knows what else is going on.

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In my experience, online orders were usually store to store transfers. Whenever we would get a transfer slip, we would just pull the part and send it on its way.

I don't know if we may have accidentally sent miss-labled, used, or swapped parts. Customers swapping air filters was common practice. So, I'm not surprised that happened. Anyone who works for AutoZone and gives you problems about returning a part is putting on a show.

If there is a paper trail that adds up, then there is no reason not to rectify the situation ASAP. They don't work on commission and they don't get anything out of screwing you over, unless it's personal satisfaction.


i am sorry to hear this about autozone.up to now i have never had an issue with them.iguess they are getting like every other company. :?

:? :?


since when should you even trust anything online anyways? autozone may have internal theft issues, but its because they dont pay their employees what their worth. if they didnt pay just above minimum wage, maybe their employees would actually buy something instead of stealing it.


Scott, you have me confused with someone else. I called K&N first to inquire about a made in China Fram filter that was in the K&N box.

They asked if I had emailed them about this. They told me I wasn't the first one with this issue. They offered to send me a K&N USA made filter free of charge. Then someone from Autozone did contact me and offered a $20 gift card for the trouble - thank you.

I do hope that Autozone will make a commitment to the American workers and source USA made products.

Your stores are full of Chinese and other foreign made products. Time for us (USA workers) to vote with our dollars - stock USA made products and we'll buy from you, otherwise we won't waste time in your stores.


I did some checking on your case and I just wanted you to know that you received the filter from K&N at our request. We asked K&N to ship to you directly, that way you would receive the filter much quicker.

AutoZone is not perfect, but if you give us a chance we will always try and satisfy our customers. Scott AutoZone Corporate Office


The same thing happened to me. They would only refund the filter not the shipping even though it was their fault.

NEVER Buy anything from them Online. Very Poor customer service.

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