Lemoore, California

i went to drop off used oil,employee said could take oil. i said ok and walked out.

employee ran out and accused me of dumping oil in trash. i say did you see me and stated yes. i went to my car and pulled out used oil and say do you see this . where is the oil i dumped and say i thought you dumped oil and looked inside trash nothing.

told employee or manager,not to be accusing people of something wrong. i was about to physically fight him and he turned around and went into store. been a loyal costumer for years and never again. went to pep boys and was greeded nice and told me thank you.

what a diffence. i guess autozone will hire any d_mbass that comes along.

if i were you anybody go any other auto parts store such as pep boys, kragen. much better personal.

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its funny but I recently went to auto zone to buy some oil and a guy in his break ask to help me his name was I think his name was Som or Sam and he knew what he was talking about I felt I could buy what he told me it made sense so as I am asking some more questions his manager came to him and put him on blast for helping me in his break I could see he felt bad I felt bad so I asked if everything was alright he said yeah that people who should get in trouble don't and people trying to go the extra mile get it he said he was confused so he said that everything that I had is what I need it so when I got home I put the oils and other stuff he suggested and my car felt better but to end this all I got to say is that there are good employees out there its just bad managers not letting the do there thing .


That's a tough area, south central L.A, not a nice place. Well actualy it is, its just that some of the people around there are not always having a good day.

That Autozone used to be PEPBOYS, it changed after Autozone came in 1999, they had the same issues and gladly sold it to Zone. People in the area walk in and fight all the time, over big deals and over nothing, mainly nothing. The associates there are all stressed and jumpy, its a tough place to work, especially when most of the people who go in are already having a bad day cause of their car issues.

The only issue is that everyone deals with the same thing, Pepboys, Kragen, Zone, everyone. I wouldnt expect anything different from them, they all live and deal with the same things, its just a matter of time before they dissapoint you too.

The only thing we can do to fix it is to fix our point of view. Know where you live, how people can be, expect some sort of confrontation, and be realistic about the society we live in.

I wake up and know that somewhere someone might disappoint me, and other might pleasantly surprise me. Its really all you can control once you leave you home; your attitude.

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