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I went autozone in hempstead ny on tuesaday i need to retrun one of the marchandise i didnt had the recipt. I had to wait one hour to get a store credit.

Manager Chirstopher was sucks. I dont know what kind manager he is. He need a bed next to his register. He laying on his desk and he was working.

He couldnt even walk. Idk why is the manager. He is not helpfull at all. I never recomend any one to go to autozone.

Thier service was sucks sucks sucks...... Never go to hempsted ny autozone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm not a fan of AZ, but what you said send pretty harsh. Do you go in regularly and see him laying down and limping for months in a row?

It doesn't seem like it.

How would you know if he had an accident or illness in the previous days or even hours? He could've been in severe pain looking for a key holder to come in and finish the shift so he could seek medical care, but you had zero sympathy for the man!? Do you realize how limited part stores are with their hours?

Do you know if he had to fire a key holder that was caught stealing recently?

You don't know anything yet you are calling for this HARD WORKING MAN'S job to be taken from him. People these days call in sick for allergies and he was clearly in severe pain at that moment.

You were irresponsible, lost a receipt that SHOULD have been in your glove box and had to wait "an hour".

Cry me a freaking river. Pansy. That man has more balls than you'll ever have. I'm guessing the worst injury you've suffered is a paper cut...and you probably cried about it hurting.


Buy your stuff online. Then you'll always have that email receipt...unless you delete it like an ***.

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