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I too was a aurozoner and agree. No pay or "room to grow" like they say. I was pretty much forced out because evaluations coming up and there is about 5-6 store managers at my local meaning scraps would be lucky. Also the mgmt was terrible at scheduling, norm is Ties for following week but on many occasions Friday or Sat was when it was posted. I'd call in and find that I had no hours the whole following week???? Also I don't know of this is illegal type of favortism but another red shirt whom I even help train was either related or good family friend of DM so when I would be off schedule heBess getting close to full time even tho red shirt is Part time and my opinion is my store manager did this out of fear of his own job? But they pay was horrid, constant misleading and if I sell WITWITTGT items straight sasalet doesn't count toward *** selling structure.

But pay was bad not only I had to beg for hours...definite favortism but they all grey shirts anyways.....

And actually AUTOZONE doesn't car about employees more than customers. I know bad example, but many customers steal but if autozoners did something of sort then it's your head bubutont steal regardless.

Horrible business model and the separation between corporate and store staff is night and day

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autozone is a good company to work for. if you work hard and show determination then you can be promoted.

i know a gentleman who was with the company only 2 years before he was promoted to store manager, and he was only 24. he just came in and worked hard and took care of every customer that came in the door, even ones who had bad experiences he went out of his way to make sure they were taken care of and was back to being happy with autozone.

hard work pays off. have a great day


WOW! I can say that we are all much dumber after reading your post.

thank you


Autozone is the worst I'm telling you it's s kiss *** *** company but from a person who actually works at autozone you sir are a ***

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