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live in Orange City Florida bought a battery at autozone about 2&a half weeks ago the battery was weak to begin with I tried to get a new battery today the 12th of September the manager by the name of Daniel tell me to come on over if you give me a new battery my wife drove over there and that was disrespectful to her we have company and get throw my credit card company I will let them know that I had a two year warranty on the battery and yet they did not want to give me a new battery even though the battery was leaking fluid they said that this is normal and batteries that leak I never temple with the battery thing else dead battery had low voltage to begin withyet they would not replace the battery even after I went in person I'm in Orange City Florida I would like to solve this problem I hope this blog can be of help and let other people know that autozone has people there that do not need to be working there I need to be working in the barn with a bunch of animals decent people not with decent people I don't know how to treat their customers dental care is all about the money they don't care about how they treat you I will file a claim against them with the Better Business Bureau hopefully this can be resolved before I get there but the people here in Orange City the one on 1792 they really don't care about no one but themselves it's all about the money and how they can rip you off I am very disappointed with the company and that'll be the last battery that I ever buy there is this battery messes up my car I will make sure that I will sue the company is to Autozone for every penny that I can get you could contact me at before this gets even more complicated

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Did anyone else wonder why he mentioned dental care?

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