Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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I went to Autozone store number 3885 in Murfreesboro tn. Friday sept.25th 8:00pm to buy some oil for my daughters car ,the engine light was on ,oil was low so i figured I would purchase it there since I was going to ask for my code to be checked. When I went to the counter to pay none of the store personal acknowledge me. I noticed one of the employees kneeling behind one of the registers so i aske him if I could pay for my things here and he replies "NO" then a very long awkward pause and he said go to the other register, so looking at his name bage I noticed " he's the manager" wow ! I Thought what a attitude for the store manager to have with his customers.

So I payed for my things ,went out and put some oil in my car then came back in to see if I could get someone to check the code on my car . I walked up to the manager "Barry Soard" who was still at the register I had just checked out from , he was doing somthing with the register with a associate so I stood there waiting, ,, the associate standing behind the Manager finally asked me if I needed somthing, at this point I was ready just to leave, but I asked if I could get the engine light checked on my car, The accociate said it would be just a minute. (No body in the store was doing anything) so again I waited...they finished doing whatever they were doing at the register and both walked away from me. I stood there dumbfounded, ,finally the associate notices me again and asked the manager if he was going to help me,,at this point I felt like mabey I should just leave but he swipes up his scanner and points to the door and smurks"after you" Right then I made my mind up I wasnt coming back here again..After we get out there and he tries to get the scanner to work he tells me "my computer is bad", I told him if my computer was bad the car would not be running right and I told him the car run perfect..Then he tells me "I MY CAR RAN PERFECT WHY WAS I THERE?" sooo I told him to get his scanner unhooked from my car and that I would not to come back there no more , he says fine have a nice night (in a *** tune).

Now I know Autozone Corp. probably wont pursue anything here with this manager so mabey I can help other customers avoid the same *** I just had to put up with.


Store# 3885

Murfreesboro Tn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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