Montgomery, New Jersey
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Currently work Autozone and its ridiculous. I have sold 2 thousand+ dollars worth of merchandise in a few hour shift due to being a short staffed busy store and selling skills helping people pick out the better batteries and such, this day sold 4 duralast gold batteries and various other items such as I believe 4-5 sets of gold brakes and the ******* store manager who sits in the back all day barely doing anything on his phone comes out and yells at me for not selling enough coc's and this happens on a daily basis.

He has caused several people to quit, cannot make schedules work around peoples lives and is causing a previously sucessful store to fail by causing employees to become angry at the company in addition to paying poorly.

Lower managers are great, friendly and hardworking as I am but upper management as well as the store manager are robots that do not understand anything besides useless coc's and widdtjr items that annoy customers, also, he doesnt approve of discounts, but lower managers and us give them anyway to bring back business to this store currently making 50-75%

expected profit, also was on a 10:30-4:00 shift and wasnt allowed a break so went on phone to dominos app for a minute to order a pizza to store which has been done several times before (store empty) store mngr yelled at me and forced me off phone and said i signed contract to not be on phone at work (first time ever on it) meanwhile hes always on it, he said greyshirts are allowed to, so i wasnt able to eat, wrote me up for being a few minutes late several times even though every time i was late say 15 mins i would stay 30-1hr to get what had to be done because im that kind of person even if i dont get paid for the ot. Seriously fed up with him, all of us are and hope he gets fired before everyone good quits because if he doesnt go everyone else will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Customer service sucks ... Sad won't replace a battery under 2 yrs because they can't find my name anymore in their computer . gave me the dist managers number and he was just as bad if not worse and that's sad no leadership set the example guys not everyone is a scammer .learn to take care of your customers

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