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I was a deticated employee for this company for 6 years recieved an extra miler and all. Started as a red then driver when i turned 21 then gray and eventually became the assistant store manager.

Honestly tgis was the worst 6 years of my life. I am a female and I started working there when i was 20. As a cashier/parts person i was belittled by many customers and the staff including upper management they reffered to me as eye candy and how they couldnt wait till i could deliver parts. I was always put in uncomfortable situations and was mainly sent out to collect payments from upset shops or to lure them in to buy more from our commercial side.

It went on like this until i found out i was pregnant. 2 months into my pregnancy i went in for my schedual and they told me they could no longer accomadate me. I had my daughter in july and when i went back in i had to fight to get my job back. I didnt take any special leave and i didnt get my job back till october.

I went almost 4 months unpaid as a single mom. I used to believe in this company and i worked my *** off for them. I finally got to ASM and shortly after my store manager was terminated. I ran the store for a few MONTHS with a total of 4 grays and 2 reds.

I constantly got reemed for o/t, not selling c.o.c and for being short staffed However as an assistant i couldnt hire and sister stores did not send help when asked. We finally got a new store manager from a competetor And all *** broke lose. He told me that the DM decided that he the store manager would close 1 night a week and i would have to close all other nights. On top of that he would always schedual me a close then open.

I explained finding a sitter or daycare until 10:45/11pm was difficult and that i couldnt do the open and then close with my 3 year old his response was well then if u cant handle it u need to step down from your position. He told me to think about it and as i walked away he told me to think hard about demoting myself because that would be better for my daughter then no job. Well he won. I refused the demotion and i got not only close then open shifts but I always had 2 days off in a row and he split them and did close/opens.

Needless to say i got burnt out and unfortunatley missed an open after a close.

To this day i was never told i was fired but it shows it on the paperwork for unemployeement that i never recieved. Like i said i did believe in this company and thought they would have my back after 6 years of loyalty, being sexually harrassed by fellow employees with no consquences to them, being threatened about sales, belittled by customers oh and my personal favorite, being told to "bend over and take it".

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Hi, so sorry about your experience with this company. I also worked for them fro three year as a driver and customer service.

By the time I gave My two weeks notice I was doing all Grey shirt duty with no grey shirt pay.

Knew how to do just about everything from closing the store to open. They just care about C.O.C and the up sales to get the Job done right Please.

work for the Green now and could not be Happier. Yes still part time there but at least I am not ordering fellow coworkers around like i'm their boss.

They need to change their way of treating workers or they will never keep the good ones.


I seriously hope you contacted a lawyer, or if you push at the very least unemployment will n an investigation. I no money is probably tight but you can find a lawyer that will take there cut after you win.

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