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Some of you people are insensitive... "At least you have a job." This person isn't complaining about HAVING A JOB and/or HAVING TO WORK.

They're complaining about the unfair treatment experienced at AutoZone (a.k.a AZ). I understand that many people don't even have a job to provide for their families, and that it may suck to see someone who has a way to provide (barely, if at all) for their family complain about it. But, in reality, no one wants to feel like a slave or like they're being used and devalued. I know companies all over are out for themselves, constantly using their employees to project the business.

But it doesn't feel good to a employees to be treated like ***. I recently worked at autozone in the past week. I just quit a few days ago after working 7months. And the greatest feeling I've felt at AZ was quitting.

The customers were okay.. I could handle meeting their needs. But there was never enough that an employee could do to make a manager proud of them. "Try to get them to buy this.

Lie to them about that. Just tell them this. Get their money! I'm cutting hours due to lack of upsales." C'mon, do you guys really need to treat your fellow social/community peers like dirt.

Aren't members of society (you would think those in similar situations) supposed to help/uplift one another? I know this isn't a fairytale world, but the "Big Guy" (ceo) really don't care too much about ANY of his "workers"... Seriously. I mean, aren't we the glue to make this company possible??

It's a 90-day come-and-go JOB. (No career opportunities... I wouldn't consider it) .. That's how I see it.

Come work for 90days to get a little cash or resolve whatever issue you're having, then go about your business. Simply put.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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well said its the same at advance

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