Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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devin mcclean,23yr old military veteran and autozone employee became a hero for saving his boss and stopping a robbery at the AUTOZONE store, when his boss was forced into a room devin ran to his car and got his weapon(legally owned)and ran back into the store yelled freeze robbers fled. AUTOZONE gave him a nice reward , they fired this man for his courage and bravery, for bringing a weapon on autozone property.

he got a commendation from the local sheriff though. and he has my respect. as for autozone?

i will never purchase anything there again and i hope all of you do the same. they are a poor excuse for an American company.

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The only reason he was fired was because it was made public. The media got a hold of it and ran with it.

Yes, auto zones employee handbook states no weapons on their property. It's a really shame because they sell weapons .( knives, pepper spray, etc..). Next time your in the big AZ ask the men behind the counter to empty out their pockets. 9 out of 10 have a knife on their person.

But nothing is said. As for human resource dept, they are a complete joke.

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