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Just wanted to thank Autozone manager Joe Acerra at Willowick, OH for having several cars towed from the Autozone lot during the annual St.Mary Magdaline Church Festival on Saturday night around 7:30 p.m.

June 3, 2017. Nice to see that Joe Acerra places such a high value on being a good neighbor to the community in which Autozone does business for this annual event. Joe, you knew you had a delivery coming in that night; a forward-thinking manager would have roped off the rear parking area or simply had deliveries come through the front door. Instead, you took the heavy-handed solution to have these cars towed.

Did you notice the Veteran's plates on my truck? You're welcome for my service! How about the Disabled certificate on the car two spaces from mine? I bet those folks were thrilled that Grandma had to wait in her wheelchair until their car was released from impound.

Nice work, Joe.Thanks again for being such a good neighbor to the community!

Review about: Autozone Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let me get this straight.You were towed out of a private parking lot that should have been roped off just for you to park!!!

Get a life, or as in the military, you never volunteer for anything unless you are told. Did you ask for permission, I don't think so because if you did you would most like have been granted parking rights in a private lot.

The complaint(if there is one) would be between the Pastor of the Church and the store Mgr.Not a 3rd party trying to interlope.


Dude you sound like a *** ,did you ask auto zone permission to use their parking lot ? So because you served you think everyone should say thank you and give you special privilege ?


I am the Joe Acerra in this post, employed at the AutoZone mentioned.That is where all "anonymous" facts end.

I don't know how I got associated with this.

I was out of town camping with my wife the entire weekend of the festival and was nowhere near the festival or the store.

I encourage you to stop by and talk with me in person "anonymous" so we can discuss your experience to ensure it doesn't happen with others in the future.My hours vary, but a quick call to the store will let you know I'm there.

Looking forward to meeting you!

~ Joe

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