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For those who thinks AutoZone is a great place to work & a friendly environment, U R WRONG!

Why?? There are racist people in there. If you are black or Asian red shirt, and your managers/store manager are racist, then you are in trouble. They'll be pain in the *** they'll give a freaking hard time. They will give their people more hours than YOU!! They'll treat you like a slave!!

They will cut your hours & put u work at night shift if you don't sell enought check-out challenge such as Lucas Fuel Injector ($4.99 each, or Flash light (2 for $5) if you're a part time. In order to get your hours, you have to LIE or do whatever it takes to sell them to the customers even u know it's not right! Lying to customers or making up stuff is the KEY of AutoZoner to sell. IF you r a customer, when u hear an AutoZoners say the Lucas, flash light, STP... it's free when u buy with the oil special for $19.99, it's NOT FREE!!!

DON"T BE BLIND. YOU PAID FOR IT! If an AutoZoner don't meet the minium check out challenge, they will receive a corrective action (written up) & cutting hours until they get fire!

If u ask for a raise or promotion from an AZ store manager/district manager, manager tell u that they are looking into it, meaning they will probably NEVER GIVE U ONE. Don't believe them. They're liar, and keep making EXECUSSES. SO, DON'T TRUST THEM!! If you r a minority such as black, Spanish, or Asian, and your managers is not the same race, then u may need another job. Theft is a thing that happens a lot in AZ. Guess what, the majority is from customers and managers also.


The majority of these happen is in the South, such as GA.

Most of these AutoZoners report are from Chamblee, Lilburn, and Norcross stores...

!!!!!!!!!If you are a customer or an AutoZoner, beware the RACIST *** PEOPLE!!!!!


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This is a typical visit to Autozone as a minority customer:

Cold service, 4 white guys standing around talking to each other, no greeting, no eye contact to a customer that walks right up to the counter. Ask for help.

Watch as they eye each other, as if to determine who's gonna break first. Still no eye contact with the customer. The youngest one finally concedes "I got this," to his buddies and saunters over.

Yada, yada, the guy does this thing on the terminal. He asks every question with a smirk on his face to equal the smirk in his voice.

Finally, he gets the part. As has been my previous experience there, the guy wants me to take it to the one or two overworked clerks on the end that have a line going. Even though he's at a terminal, and he and his three buddies aren't doing anything resembling work.

When the engine is open, I find out he gave me the wrong part. Lucky for me, I have my own successful business and have extra vehicles...

so I wasn't totally screwed. This car had been sitting in the driveway for weeks, and another week or three wasn't going to change my life.

Unperturbed, I returned a week or two later to exchange the part. Lo and behold an attractive young girl actually works there and helps me right away. (I'm sure she can look forward to zero upwards mobility, seeing as she hasn't caught on with company policy, yet).

She quickly gave me the right part and a refund of the difference. I made some remark like "I swear they do this on purpose. The kid that did this is probably on the fast track to a promotion." I said this with a smile on my face, mind you. The look in her eyes said it all.

Pure sadness and understanding. I feel bad for her.


Yes, AutoZone does require their salespeople to sell merchandise - it is a retail store!!

And you have a valid point as far as managers not always being truthful - managers have to look out for their own careers.

But the constant playing of the 'race-card' is getting old. Nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black.


AZ isn't racist. If racism does exist at your store, gather evidence and report it! AZ does not stand for it!

As for the COC, if you try to sell something that is not related in anyway to what they are buying, you will always have a hard time. For example, right now we have a sale on the micro fiber cloths. Regularly, $6.99, on sale 2 for five. So if I get a customer that, lets say, buys stuff to wash or wax his car, I won't try to sell him a flashlight... I will offer them the cloths.

Sir, I noticed your interested in cleaning your car today (or this weekend) These micro fiber cloths are scratch resistant and soak up water wonderfully. They are normally $6.99 but they are on sale this month, 2 for 5. Would you be interested?

If the answer is no, move on, but I bet you that 30 - 40 percent will buy them. And that's enough. Know your customers and want they may need and maybe want, and you should have no problem with the COC's.

As for raises, if your doing your job, instead of complaining, you'll always be more likely to get that raise.

AZ is a retail business. If you don't like being a sales person, and are only interested in getting parts and collecting money without selling, go work at a junk yard!

But as for the racism, I'll say it again, AZ is completely against that kind of behavior. Gather evidence and report it!


Apparently you have never been a slave before. LOL, there is a plethora of colored people who work who are treated right and equally. Any place can be racist, whites aren't the only racist people, idiots.


Everyone here is right! no matter what color your skin is, or your ethnicity, Your manager and superiors will take advantage of you, only if you let them.

Autozone is a decent place to work, as long as you do not let the PSM's to take advantage of you. The bilingual deal is a lie... I am bilingual and have to take care of the freaking people who do not want to learn the English, and I don't get paid for translate, when the store is full of Hispanic people, and there is only an English speaking person and me, then I work three or four times harder than what they do. Same thing on the phone.

so Whats up whit that Autozone corporate, you guys are wearing our butts out. Give us a better salary or *** those sign of " se habla espanol". Not to mention that all the translations are made just for Mexicans.....

What about the rest of the people who speak Spanish? do not count?


I would have to disagree with some of your statements above. In my region they encourage the hiring of minorities.

One of the questions on the Store Audit is to see if you have a bi-lingual in the store. If you dont, that is a point or maybe 2 off on your audit. How is that fair?? I do not have a Spanish speaking employee in my store and thats counted against me??

We do live in the United States right??

Women especially once they reach the PSM level are generally taken care of. If a male is ever accused of sexual harrassmant they are gone no matter what the outcome of the investigation is.

Minorites are promoted all the time. One instance was when a DM position became available and a 15 year veteran store manager was told by another "I can play the race card and you can't" Ok so please feed your line of racist bull to someone else.


IT is harder to sell things that people don't need than you would think. I worked in sales for a while and it is really hit or miss.

Places like autozone usually are full of do it your selfers or people who need to save money. while they are saving money they only want to keep the car running.

the majority of us probably go to a garage and pay ten times more for someone else to do it. If I go into a store trying to save money why would I want to buy something I did not come in for...


just another dip *** who has to blame everyone but himself for not being able to keep his job. the only bigot is you and your the racist throwing in the old trump card ( poor me im being picked on im---black ).

if you cant sell a lousy bottle of fuel additive how can you bve expected to sell AUTO PARTS. isnt that what they hired you to do dummy???


i know women dm's and asians in the manager field and none are that way at all.. i know *** men who work at autozone and no one is that way to them..

i think you were just lasy and they got rid of you for it and your mad..

because if you did your job.. they wouldnt have fired you


You are ALL of this mindset...


If your job involved written communication in any way, I can see why they fired your ignorant a*s*s.


IOt is very easy for people to play the race card rather than admit they were not doing a good job. It is you making excuse, oh they are racist, oh they are liars rather than admiting your own fault.

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