Middleburg, Florida
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I went to your Autozonr store located at 777 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, Fl. On 09/09/15.

I needed a new battery but I was told by your asst manager that they cannot and will not install the battery? So I then asked if they had the told I could boron to change it myself? I was told they did not have any tools I could use? Really because about 2mths ago they let me borrow told to replace the battery in my truck.

But he suggested I go to the firestone and "pay" them to install my battery...lol. REALLY? If I have a non operational battery how can I drive to firestone and second of all why would I pay someone when it clearly states on the store front if I purchase a battery, I will receive FREE INSTALLATION? I am a woman but not a dumb one like the pansy donkeys you have for managers at this location.

I also had to open and close the good for this asst manager as well as he was a tard & didn't understand the basic concept of opening and closing a hood? Do you give these people any basic training at all?

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AutoZone workers aren't required to change batteries. It is a courtesy and certainly not required.

AutoZone is a retail store, not a garage. They don't have to go outside and do diagnostics on your car, change batteries, change bulbs, etc.

AutoZone is a DIY store not a have someone do it for you store. If you can't do it yourself, they can offer advice, that's about it.

When getting hired at AutoZone, you go to a class where they say, "You can change batteries as a courtesy but that doesn't mean you have to, you're are not a certified mechanic to work on customers cars."


What's your vehicle? There actually are a handful that require much more disassembly than simply opening and closing the hood, such as the removal of a wheel and inner fender. If you'll note I believe the sign also states "On most vehicles"

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