Jasmine Estates, Florida
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I, Glenn Jones, at approx. 1740 hours on Jan.9 2016 at your Autos own located on 1792 in fern Park Florida.

I was there to return an ignition switch because the mechanic stated that I did not need it. I spoke to a large white gentleman wearing prescription glasses with dark hair. Upon returning it, that associate stated that the switch has already been installed on the car then taking off, even though I assured him that it was not because I saw the Mechanic the whole time and he never placed it anywhere on the car. Your associate also said that he would return it this time but but he knows faces and that he would remember mine when I returned again in case I tried to do it again.

I told the gentleman that it was never placed on the car, then he said it has scratches on it. I didn't told him that if it had scratches on it then it was from before I bought it because it was never placed on the car. Hey then smart almost to a giggle shaking his head and didn't believe me. I didn't became a little aggravated told him I was prior law enforcement/ corrections, and out reed tail investigator for things such as this and that I would never do anything like that, regardless.

That gentleman then said, so was I, so was I.

And then refunded my money and I left.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There should be a phone number for a survey on your receipt. Call, do all with the list scores and when asked if you'd like to leave a voice message, leave your phone number and simply request the district manager contact you NOT the store manager.

It might take a few days, maybe a month, before they get the information...but they're not likely going to see it here.

I'm glad you got your refund. AZ seems to have a lot of...wacky tobaccy users in my experience.

I'm not saying he was...suffering from a break in perception...but from what you mentioned, it sounds like they need to do a random test asap.

Thank you for helping out your community sir!


Lowest scores (not list scores, when I was taking about the survey!). Remember keep it short and sweet.

They'll call you back faster if you don't go into details.

Just say "I had a horrible experience and I need a district manager to contact me, not the store manager as they may be involved as well. My name is Glenn and my # is....".

That should give them a reason to call you within minutes of hearing your message!

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