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an auto zone employee delivering parts to a private garage hit my Lexus and is refusing to pay up, after running a check on the driver, i found out that the female driver has been arrested 6 times for drug trafficking and is on currently probation for violating her other probation and failure to appear in court and has unpaid fines. they refuse to give me their insurance info because they are self insured, so i cant make a claim because they will not accept it.

(being self insured). and to make things worst the driver got the drug charges before or during her auto zone employment as at least an 2 year employee and after i sent them this info plus her bad driving record they treated me like i was the bad guy...

Monetary Loss: $3700.

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Scott@ autozone what happened to you,i haven't heard from you since a week ago when i sent you the pic of the accident. is there a problem from the higher ups?


david i have have proof. i have pic and have sent them to the corp.

office. the zone driver gave my daughter her name and the store phone # that's it then left the scene my daughter did call the police but the police would not make a report because it was on private property. i am a business owner my self, actually in the automotive industry. i know every customer this store delivers to, i have earned a lot of respect from my customers because i do things right.

a lot of their customers are my customers and i get better deals from their biggest competitor. and i will let my customers know this. i have attorney's but this is whats right and wrong, my daughter has never had a ticket/ accident ever. this driver however has had 1 speeding ticket 79 in a 65 in an autozone truck and 2 other speeding tickets, 1 accident and 3 failure to appear in court plus charged 6 times for drug trafficking.

currently on probation for the same. looking at this from a business owners view. i know know whose more creditable and if it comes to it. we will end up in court.

but this company and its customers will know how autozone deals with their employees when they are in the wrong.

i know i wouldn't want a repeat drug trafficker working or even representing my company, would you? and these charges started in 2006 don't we check employees out any more.


please contact me at


What proof do you have concerning the accident? If you have definite proof you can easily sue the company in small claims court for the damage to your car.

Go to your local county courthouse and ask about small claims court.

They can give you further direction. It is probably too late, but you should have contacted the police and done an accident report as well.

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