La Porte, Indiana
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I was in LaPorte,IN visiting friends. My girlfriend notice our headlamp on our car had went out.

So we stop by the local autozone to buy a new lamp for the head light. I located the the item I needed to buy and went to stand in line. There was only one register open and one person in front of me. While waiting 3 more got in the line behind me.

An employee came from the back open a new register. He didn't say "next customer", he looked at the guy behind me and ask "can I help you"? The customer behind me jump the line and went to the 2nd register. THE autozone employee rung him up, and when I step up to make my purchase he walked away.

So I went back to the line and he came back and rung up the next customer that was behind me. 3 people that was behind me got serve be for I did. Than a 3rd employee came from the back he finally wrong me up, but before I received my receipt he says "The alarm is going to go off when you step outside just run to your car ignore the alarm." I said what do you mean? He goes we're having problems with the alarm when we scan this item.

No deal I'll go somewhere else.

I don't know what kind of games they are playing at that autozone. But if this happen again I'm filing a formal complaint.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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