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I am presently an ex-employee of AutoZone. I have been in the automotive service/parts field for about 30 years.

I was working for NAPA for about 16 years, before being swayed/recruited to AutoZone. I was with AZ for 6 yrs., during this time I have had problems with my legs. Sometimes causing me time off work. Well appartently someone didn't like that, because while being off on a FMLA my demise was plotted.

I had gone back to work on limitations, but still on FMLA. After being back to work for 6 1/2 days, our DM came into the store and terminated me for an attendance problem. I tried to convince them it wasn't right, but to no avail. US DEPT.

OF LABOR said what they did was wrong. The state I live in is an "AT WILL" state, so AZ got by with terminating. I think my age is a deciding factor also. How many of you like walking into an AZ and getting ahold of a counterperson with little or no experience.

Isn't a nice experience, is it?

Put me out to pasture!

What a way to do it! NO INCOME, NO BENEFITS!

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just looks like walmart,all over again


Corporate isn't going to help you. They are even cheaper and harder nosed than your DM. They get to corporate by pinching every nickel and maximizing profit.


It should be and very well may come to that. But the best way to conquer this conflict would be for someone from Corporate AZ to read this and realize what is going on at the store and regional level.

It is very hard to actually get ahold of that right person. So I am hoping that AZ CEO/President may just happen to read this and help me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't Ur problem legal, rather this site ?Lesile Horton, Esq Birmingham AL.

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