Somerset, New Jersey
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I have been with the company one day working as a red shirt general floor person, I like the overall job, nice manager willing to work with schedule and decent starting pay, but there are some critical issue mostly regarding training. I was supposed to receive a full 8 hour training course on Saturday at 8am at the Edison, NJ store, my manager called Friday night and told me this.

Got there on time, when a confused red shirt looked at me and said training is never here, its usually at Somerset St store in New Brunswick 15mins away, tried calling my manager to figure out what was going on but he wasnt in atm and the guy on the phone just said if they said its usually at Somerset go there. Went there and guess what, no training there. Grey shirt lady there said I was the 4th person to come in for training that got sent to the wrong stores and someone came all the way from Long Island and it was actually in Ledgewood which is all the way in north jersey in the opposite direction from when i originally left my house. An hour and a half later and nearly 2 hours late overall I got to the training along with other people who were arriving and there was some serious miscommunication.

The training was cut short so 8 hrs became about 3-4 and they ruahed through the folder skipping parts and overall shoving us through the system. We were thrown on the registers basically right after this and expected to be able to figure out a confusing and outdated computer system with no training on how it works.

Went straight from this bad training session to clocking in and found myself stuck with the register many times and stressed when they tell me to answer the phone and use the computers when i still dont know how it works ans then people are getting frusturated because it takes me some time to figure it out. The training was awful and the fact the make us do the coc is annoying to us and the customer.

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