La Mesa, California

I went to Autozone in Lemon Grove, Ca upon walking in there were 2 female employees and I believe 3 male. One male is on phone and another conversating with the 2 females.

So I wait for a span of around 10n to 12 mins before I finally ask, can someone please give me some help. Immediately the 2 females and male employee's walk away and another 3 to 5 mins go by and I loudly say excuse me I've been patiently been waiting here can someone please help me out, then the male employee says to me I'm on the phone you need to wait. So I'm like wow ok so I say well can you please help me out when your done mind I'm the only person in line and one of few in store, so I tell him I'm going to look at fuel injector cleaner till he is finish on the phone. I came in store around 5:45 P.M.

it is now almost 6:40 P.M. and I have to be to school at 7:30 P.M. So I'm looking at different products when another man walks in and it seems he knows employee on the phone and almost in no time employee gets off phone and starts conversation with this man who just walked in. Their laughing and walking around store looking for parts, employee is talking and going back and forth from computer/register to various aisles with his buddy and I'm still waiting, so I say excuse me but I've been waiting here for god knows how long and I asked you for help a while ago and you just ignored me and paid no mind I'm standing here and he replies well I was on the phone what do you expect.

I'm like but you said when you were done you would help me out and he say's hold your horses and i'll get to you. It's now 7:12 P.M.

exactly I remember vaguely, while the other 2 female and male employee's are back up front still talking and I ask them and I get you know its rude to interrupt while people are talking and at this point I'm ferious and so angry I'm ready to flash, so I just put the things I had in hand basket down and walked out. Now this isn't the first incident I have had at the same Lemon Grove, CA autozone and it makes me question even going in there anymore so I just order my parts online or go to Carquest, its a inconvience but great service and they get you in and out.

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Ive just installed my second Valuecraft Alternator in my truck and its bad too.....going to try to get my money back....The guy at advanced auto told me that autozones parts were *** but i didnt listen !!


Lol we at autozone call the valuecraft stuff valuecrap! It's garbage!

Spend the extra couple bucks n buy the duralast. As far as advance autos alternators don't buy them if u have a gm they are all trash and will fail within 2 yrs max prob within months!

I spent 8 yrs at advance and 5 yrs at autozone. P.s both places are terrible to work for!


The above statement is company wide! Chances are the 3 employees who walked away were in the commercial dept and are not required to help front counter customers.

Before you say anything Scott the 1Team idea is just idea. It doesnt work except for front counter ppl to help the commercial dept when they get busy. Wish there was an email that us the employees could contact with problems that would not end up with us getting fired.

Sorry customers most of us are really nice and good ppl who work here just under to much stress at times from autozone that we sometimes snap on the customers. And before any1 says "well if u dont like your job quit" no1 will hire us in the automotive feild because autozone in their eyes is not a real automotive place.


I want to apologize for the behavior of our employees in that store. I work at the corporate office and assure you that this will be addressed immediatly. feel free to contact me if you wish,

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