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I also purchased a Duralast battery. After about two years (within the warranty period) I began to notice it was slow to turn my engine over.

A few days later, I went out after driving my vehicle 30+ minutes and the battery was completely dead. I jumped it and shut off 30 minutes later and battery was still dead. I went to my local Autozone and the STORE MANAGER refused to come out and check the battery because "it was raining". I was told I could remove my own battery and bring it inside of I wanted it checked (no tools or assistance offered).

After a few minutes of trying to remove my own battery at night in the rain, I was fed up. I went in and told them I would purchase this and every car part in the future somewhere else. No response from the employees inside. Upon attempting to call the "district manager" phone number on the door it connected me to the same store manager who refused to help me.

He put me on hold "looking for their corporate number".

I hung up and googled/ called their corporate office and left a voice mail (no response as of yet). I went to O'Reilly's where the associates were glad to help me I the rain including helping me purchase and install a new battery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Was there thunder and lightning outside? Or did you refuse to admit that information?

If it was it's an issue of safety. People come in all the time when it is raining and lightning strikes for battery and wiper blades.

If that is the case, they were wise to refuse. Who in their right mind would walk out there with a mini lightning rod outside.


AutoZone workers aren't required to change batteries. It is a courtesy and certainly not required.

AutoZone is a retail store, not a garage. Only a certified mechanic is allowed to work on your car and most likely the workers at AutoZone aren't certified. They don't have to go outside and do diagnostics on your car, change batteries, change bulbs, etc. AutoZone is a DIY store not a have someone do it for you store.

If you can't do it yourself, they can offer advice, that's about it.

As for borrowing tools at store. They're not supposed to let customers borrow tools. Some stores do but they're not allowed.

For the ones that do, tools get stolen and then the store gets in trouble for letting customers use them. The tools AutoZoners use is for employee use only.


Definitely file a complaint against this guy! I've never heard of a manager "impersonating" his boss with his own # on the door.

I suggest you swing by and get a picture of it...and a video!

It could be that he has been in trouble lately with the company and he was trying to avoid another write up - termination by putting his own # on the door. I just know they don't do that around here! #1: pictures and video #2: contact corporate until you're positive you're speaking with who you need to talk to.

#3: don't give up!

I'm sick and tired of lazy managers that run their employees into the ground while taking time off whenever, sitting in the back playing games on their phones, etc (my son works for a different company, but I won't name them...well, you were made happy by your local one so I guess it doesn't matter). Best of luck hun!

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