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I bought a duralast gold battery, $170 after taxes. Went with it because they offered a 5 years warrantee.

The battery is 4 years old and it finally decides to give out and not hold a charge. My boss junp started my car and I drove it to autozone where they tested and confirmed the battery was no good. Then they tell me that the warrantee only replaces the battery within the first 3 years and afterwards it only offers a discount on a replacement. I still have to pay $120 for a replacement.

So my question is.

Why lie and tell me I'm covered for 5 years but then turn around an screw me out of 2 years of the 5 offered? I feel lied to and completely ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry, understand what you are saying....

However - the VAST majority of car battery warranties are EXACTLY as above (except for varying time terms) - and you are fully capable of reading the warranty. And the warranty is also stated on the Battery.

Complete with full replacement and pro-rate terms. Just like the vast majority of tires. So, you shouldn't feel like you have been lied to... and you should always read warranty conditions carefully.

I don't believe ANY current battery warranty comes with full replacement for the full time period....

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