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I Ordered a Tow Hitch from AutoZone online. Paid and Extra $50 for Rush Order.

(Rush Order = Ships in 2 days) Today has been a week since I purchased. and Still has not been Shipped out. I E-mailed them about it 4 days ago. they wrote back that all order take 2 business days to process....a WEEK later Still has not been shipped.

Called this Morning and the Lady on the other end. looked in to it, She said that the Product has been available for Shipment for a few days. The *** heads in the Warehouse are just Sucking each others *** to much, instead of doing there *** Jobs! Teach me to shop around to try and save money.

There's way more Options for Auto Parts. I've recent Learned that E-bay kicks *** in Auto Parts as well as everything else.

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well thank you for not taking that job with autozone some years ago you have proved you would have not been to good at it


Last time I checked Autozone doesn't charge anything for shipping or offer rush shipping for a charge


Go to the dealer they will want a 16 digit vin for that gas cap... and an arm and a leg


Comparing the gas cap to the ones on the shelf isn't a good way to go about finding one for your company truck. Assuming that it's newer than 1996, the truck has an EVAP system that requires a properly sealed cap (And one might LOOK close, but not seal all the way, causing an EVAP leak and a Check Engine Light, and decreased Fuel Economy).

Also, engine size is important in a truck, because a Diesel engine will have a different cap than a Gasoline engine.

Next time I suggest grabbing the vehicle registration before going to the store, and also realize that it's a retail store employing retail employees, not a professional repair shop.


deGreen, I would have done as you requested and compared and sold you a similar cap. After all, you're the intelligent one and know that newer cars have Evap systems which an improper cap can greatly effect.

When your check engine light comes on, then you'll be upset because that *** at Auto Zone sold you the wrong cap.

BTW, if they told you hair and mustache, they were being kind to you.

Much easier than telling you that you're not qualified for the job. After all, all gas caps are the same.


I have been continually disappointed by Autozone. They seem to hire workers with intelligence that would be challenged by elementary school math, teach them how to use their index finger to poke a computer screen and read a number. Yesterday I went into an Autozone store looking for a locking gas cap for the company can I was driving. I was asked what year and model it was -- I told them i did not know -- I don't drive the vehicle that often. I had the old, broken cap in my hand and suggested they simply compare what I had to what they had. I was told they could not do this -- they needed information about the vehicle INCLUDING THE SIZE ENGINE! At this point I became incensed. I told them they did not need to know the size of an engine to find a gas cap -- all they had to do was compare one to the other. Again I was told they could not do that. I asked why and was told, "There are too many of them -- they are probably ten different caps over there"

I don't know if this was laziness or idiocy, but this latest episode with Autozone has convinced me to go ahead and go to a parts store that actually employees professional parts people.

By the way, I don't know if this is still true, but a few years ago I applied for a job with Autozone and, even in this day of alleged enlightenment, I was told that I would have to cut my hair (which is not really very long) and shave my mustache. This sort of antiquated, draconian management view is played out in the lack of quality service the company gives its customers and the fact that they never seem to have the part you need in stock -- it always has to be ordered.

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