Fayetteville, North Carolina

I wanted to let you know about my experience at this store yesterday and today. II think it important to note that these experiences are such that I will not shop in this store again, and will think twice before

giving business to Autozone in the future.

Yesterday I was working on my girlfriends car doing the front brakes, replacing rotors and pads. I had her call to see if the parts were available. She was told by a woman on duty that the parts were there, told a price and told that they would be ready for her when we got there.

When we arrived at the store, there was one employee outside, and two inside…at least I am guessing that there were two inside because the manager on duty seemed to be talking to someone in the back of the store while we stood at the counter waiting. He did not even acknowledge our presence. I chalked it up to general bad customer service and was not surprised. When he finally came to the counter, he asked what brake pads my girlfriend wanted…she had just gotten a price on the phone, no she had to go back through the same process, except this time she had choices? She was confused. Since the manager had not responded, I was choosing a car wash to add to the purchase, but had to hurry back over to the register and guess what, the manager was gone again when I got over there. I could almost hear the calliope music playing, it would have been funny, though it was frustrating as the consumer. When the manager came back, I told him we also needed lug nuts. He pulled up the lug nuts, and heard me saying that I did not want the type that the car came with, because they were starting to come apart. The manager was quick to tell me that he had the same kind.

Now, I am not new to autoparts stores, I know better. I asked if he did not have aftermarket chrome lug nuts. He said, "oh yes, but I am not sure they will fit with your wheels," and then told me they were in aisle 4. When I got to aisle 4 and looked, all I could find were sets with locks. I picked a set of locking lugs and went back to the register and said that I wasn't really happy, that I just wanted plain chrome lugnuts, and was surprised that Autozone did not have any. The manager replied, "we do, they are back here, but I am not sure they will fit with your wheels." I asked him if I could see them. When he showed one to me, it was exactly what I was looking for and I told him I would take 10. Leaving the store I felt like he was totally lost and had run me around the store for nothing. I mentioned to my girlfriend how disappointing it was that all he seemed to know was what he looked up on the computer.

So, not that big of a deal so far, I got home put the car back together and started putting the wheels on. I found that one of the lugs had bad threads. Ok, so I would have to take it back and get a new one. This is where the story gets bad. I took the lug back to the store Sunday around noon. I did not bring a receipt because I just wanted to exchange a bad lug for a good one. I waited until it was my turn and explained this to the representative, He asked me for a receipt. I told him I did not have one and that I just wanted a new lug. He then told me that the store was out of that particular lug nut. I the was frustrated and told him I just wanted a refund. He asked for my receipt again. I told him again that I did not have it, and made the comment that this store was a joke, that I just wanted a refund so I could go get another lug elsewhere. He visibly got upset, did not suggest that I try the next closest autozone, just told me that he could only give me a store credit. I told him I did not want a credit and mentioned that the transaction could be pulled from the computer, that we had purchased 10 of the lugs just the day before. At this point he replied in a very agitated fashion that he did not have time for this and took the customer behind me to the next register leaving me to be even more frustrated. I of course asked to see the manager. The parts manager came over, again asked for the receipt and then told me that I would have to come back sometime the next day to talk to the store manager, as he could not refund the $2+.

Such a small amount, such bad customer service. In this economy, I would think that a store such as yours would want to increase it's customer service. It is especially frustrating that I the consumer was not even given options, another store was not suggested, there are many in the Fayetteville area. I will not return to such a poorly run store that obviously does not care for it's customers. If this is the case with me, I am sure it is the case with many others. I am just one that will share this because I certainly would not want that culture in my business.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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At what point should a store refund money without a receipt. $2, $5, $10, $20 or $100.

Plain and simple, you need a receipt to take something back. You sir are an idiot.


:( I purchased a battery for my truck with at least a 4-year warranty. Roughly after 1.5 years of usage, I noticed that the battery was progressively losing it's charge.

On my way to work early 1 December Friday morning and I let out on the clutch too fast and the truck died at a busy intersection. A good samaritan/guardian angel helped me push the truck out of the intersection and I called my wife for a jump. Out of frustration, I pledged that I would never purchase another AZ battery. As I was on my way to work, I called my manager with the aforementioned explanation of why I would arrive to work late that morning, and my manager suggested that I take the battery to a local AZ and have a warranty repair.

Following up on the suggestion, I drove to a local AZ and explained that my battery was losing charge and I was interested in receiving some warranty service. The AZ rep advised that I should remove the battery from my truck and allow them to recharge the battery for 1 hour. I agreed that it would be fine, but a loaner battery was necessary and I would need assistance with removing the battery.

This rep refused to do either and to add fuel to the fire, would not even loan me any tools to remove my battery! When did AZ adopt this policy?


Went to AZ today, with a handful of reciepts that are unreadable, in an attempt to find proof of a starter I purchased at the store... they couldn't read them either, said I was not able to get a replacement as they showed nothing in their computer.... was actually told that I should have known to keep the receipts in a refridgerator, "one chrisper is for your veggies, and the other is for your receipts" (actually quote) unbelievable!!!


As a previous AutoZone employee (PSM) I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that a receipt was NOT necessary.

Not only could the transaction number and store number have been looked up through the "Back Counter" of SMS (the software used), but it could also have been looked up on the manager's computer by scrolling through the log of the days receipts. If you knew the date and aproximate time of day it was purchased, it is very easy to find. I have done this before, it is FAR from impossible.

Customer service is ALWAYS priority! No matter how much you don't like a customer, you should always stay calm. If you can't handle customer service, find a different line of work.

Also, as mentioned, there is a book with the lug nut sizes for nearly every make and model of vehicle, as well as the computer being able to tell you the size. And even if the computer didn't tell you the size, it will tell you a part number for the original size, which will tell you on the box (or even on the lug nut itself) what the size is.

As for the "boxes on a shelf", that is not how autozone is supposed to do it. If your store is that unorganized, then you seriously need new management! The overstock is on a shelf, that is "sometimes" a mess, but should be sorted. The main stock is supposed to be in drawers with slots in them that are CLEARLY labeled with a part number, size, and most of the time a picture as well.

If the employee (the first one) knew his *** from his elbow, he would have easily been abel to match a lugh nut with a cap (that always fall off) to a solid chrome lug nut.

Everything about this purchase and attempted return goes against AutoZone's policies and if it were me I would give the guy a 10% courtesy discount (which is very much possible) on his next purchase just to keep him coming back to the store.

What I really hate about calling places for parts (now that I don't work there anymore) is that they give you the most expensive prive on the phone and when you get to the store you find out that there are cheaper prices.

Or if you get the expensive price on the phone, go somewhere else that says they have it cheaper, and then realize that the first store really has it even cheaper.

I was an ASE Certifies Parts Specialist until it expired (can't renew without still working for a parts store) and I am very disgusted by most of the employees in parts stores these days.


I have been calling their headquarters for three weeks my court date is soon. I needed the video and electronic signature for court for a power steering I paid a mechanic to put on my car . he went and returned under my account at autozone and got the money back and keep it. I finally get a hold of auto zone to find out I have to get a subpoena for it. not enough time it will be deleted by then. thanks a lot autozone. you i bet you work with this guy aka "D&D AUTO"



I worked for Autozone for 10 yrs and I am still in retail. I know the Autozone systems It is totally possible to look up a lug nut sales transaction without a receipt.

After all the lug nut was purchased with a warrantied item (the brakes) which would still be on the same receipt. 2 dollars shouldnt of been a problem to refund. After all it is in the Autozone pledge *Autozoners always put customers first* it doesnt say always put customers first if less than a dollar!!!

Some customers do come in with attitudes and add more fuel to the fire. But two wrongs dont make a right.......


He probably did give you bad service alot of people I work with don't really care like they should.

Dude, you should of had your reciept with you and you should never insult someone who wasn't trying to insult you.

However, I would have found the reciept in the system and ordered you the part to come in the same afternoon.



to Partschick

so your saying that either autozone employee's either dont know how to read the dorman brake and wheel parts catalog or that autozones dont keep that catalog on the shelf, which clearly lists every lug nut in order by size!


AutoZone messed up the screw that holds down my battery, this *** customer service guy came out with an attitude to my truck because they didn't have anyone else to help out swap my car battery. After 20 minutes of dealing with the screw trying to put it back on, I noticed that he had worn out the treads on the screw, he called the manager and the manager told me that that's the way it came like.

I ask him well how in the *** did he unscrew it and now he can screw it back on. He said "well sir we are just doing this as a courtesy and we are not liable for anything that we break" *** answer as you can see. So I will never let any of this idiots do anything on my vehicles. Oh and by the way at first they told me that it was my alternator that was bad and after getting a second opinion I was told the it was the battery.

Take your business else where don't do it at AutoZone. My two cents....


I've worked for AZ for 22 years. Yes the stores often run shorthanded, blame corporate AZ for that, not the employees at the store.

Yes you need to bring your receipt with you for both a refund and/or an exchange. The only parts that "are in the computer" --as I hear that phrase so often--are parts with warranties. And no, lug nuts do not have warranties. And yes, it was the failing of the original person your girlfriend talked to on the phone to not put the brakes on hold so that at least that part of the transaction would have been smoother.

But I'll also let you know that when you opted to not purchase the original equipment lug nuts you added a LOT of extra time to this transaction...that manager had to go back thru about 100 different slots of lug nuts trying to find one that had the same thread and pitch and style you wanted. And no, they are not conveniently organized by size OR style...just a random mix of small boxes on shelves.


Maybe they should have swapped or ordered a new one from the hub, plus I bet the customer messed up the threads in the lug nut and doesn't want to admit his fault.


why would you not bring a receipt with you to the store, it would of made life a whole lot simpler. Yes, its pretty simple to do a swap on a lug nut without a receipt but if this was the type of lug nut that doesnt originally belong on the car, its not that simple.

Also, the whole just pulling up a receipt on a computer doesn't exist without any information given, transaction number, etc.. Autozone does hundreds of transactions a day and it would take a minimum of 30 minutes to find that single transaction.


lets get the story straight ,autozone hires a bunch of retards that dont know too much about cars for the most part. they give wrong parts all the time .

because some are there just for a pay check . and that is one of the many reasons why i left the company after 7 yrs of employment .commercial has nothing to do with the d- I- y side because they are a buisiness with in a buisiness and are most of the time in the back filling orders and delivering parts and such . not all autozones are alike but every store has a bad egg or two ..

but i would have to agree with the other comment ,,a store mgr would never ....i repeat ,,,never ..swear at a customer ...i think that was fabricated ,,but the employee should have taken care of that customer regardless of the price ..because i am quite sure if the dm was in the store it never would have gotton that far...trust me .. and the store mgr ..knows that ....trust me


Jeff, I see that you are also a Zoner. We *** *** like this at our store all of the time.

Funnier yet, going to the hub for a commercial pickup and their store customers want you to drop 4 items for your own commercial customer, just to help them. Screw this guy. *** happens. If it happens 3 times, then it is probably a habit.

Granted, one of the employees should have taken 5 seconds to ask for some patience (which this guy has none of) and I am sure that the situation is being blown completely out of proportion (as some of my customers do from time to time). Until these jar heads that are posting on here about Autozone, which is an awesome place to work (Twin Cities, MN region anyway), screw them. Instead of *** and moaning over $2.00, he should have asked for a District Manager's # and made a complaint there. Besides, if this clown hadn't realized, all places that are up to federal compliance, can not issue a cash refund without a receipt for more than 99 cents because some a-shole blew up a couple towers in New York almost 10 years ago.

Next time, know what you are talking about before you flip out on someone.

And after you think about that, think of what kind of *** they may have went through during THEIR day. (You selfish pr-ck!!)


U need to step behind the counter and deal with customers to even understand buddy


seems like autozone doesn't communicate to well with their... just come on down to O'reilly's Auto Parts and we'll set you up with everything you need !! :)


You seem oblivious to the fact that you are not the only one calling Autozone and asking for parts to be set out for them. The stores receive hundreds of calls a day like this.

Unless you put the parts on hold in the computer you will have to have them looked up all over again for you when you arrive at the store.The employees can not remember every single phone call they take. Many times people would call and get prices then say "put that out for me I'll be right there" and then hang up before I could ask for their name or anything. Do you think I set the parts out in such a situation? *** no I don't or else I would have piles of parts cluttering up my counter all day.

You mention that there were only two employees on duty inside the store. No wonder the manager seemed distracted he probably was trying to deal with your impatience and that of five phone lines on hold. Autozone policy requires that every phone call be answered in three rings regardless of how many customers you are helping. As for the lug nuts Autozone carries very limited quantities and types of lug nuts these days so if they dont have what you want its not the managers fault.

Autozone corporate return policy states that ANY return without a receipt will receive store credit. Any employee who does not abide by that can be fired even the manager. Do you think the employees want to risk their job over refunding your $2.00 ?

Of course not. The transaction can not always be pulled up in the computer sometimes it just does not work that way.

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