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bought radiator from autozone on e franklin blvd gastonia nc put in car everything fine about 2 yrs later radiator goes out brass nut unscrewed from side tank that hold trans cooler leaked antifreeze from seal car overheated pull it take back thinking its still in system because there receipts the ink fades in about 2 months you cant read it they go in the computer look under my phone number and its not there while he was looking i notice half of the things i bought for this car isnt on there has if the system didnt keep records that were over 1yr or so the old radiator had there part number and all on it so you *** RIGHT IM PISSED DISAPPEARING INK AND NOT KEEPING RECORDS OVER A YR OLD WHAT GOOD IS A LIFETIME WARRANTY ONLY HAS GOOD HAS THE INK THATS USED TO PRINT YOUR RECEIPT ITS BS

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Everyone uses disappearing ink which is B/s . There way of not honering the warranty .

All done on purpose. I've started taking pictures of receipts that matter. They say it's called going green my ***.

No receipt no warranty. Markings are made to disappear purposely.


Okay, I couldn't help but get into this one. First off...Johnny, you truly need to realize that it was your mistake for not checking the work done.

Also, there are methods of keeping receipts safe. Mike, I agree with you a 100% on all of the comments you have made. Much like YOLO's comment. Why was the rookie not trained properly?

However, even if you are using the blasted green screen, often seen as the cash register, when you hit subtotal it will automatically remind you that warranty items were not validated. I have seen it myself, I have been a loyal customer of AZ for a long time running.

Oh, and not to mention the aspect that if you don't have a receipt, or it is damaged, the Autozoner can manually input the information. Such as store number, date of purchase, first and last name, and even the phone number.

***, I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't simply search it by the year, make, and model.

Saying that autozone was responsible for your mistake is childish and irresponsible. Take some credit where credit is due Johnny boy.


Yes dickson I am a part sales manager. As i recall the radiators have alternate part numbers the first two letters of the part start with either a CU or AU or AC one of the two.

It makes sense that the sales rep was unable to resolve your issue since he or she has not spent enough time behind the counter working with hard parts. Unfortunately these are hiccups that both the consumer and employee encounter from time to time. This issue seems like it could have been resolved with less frustration if the counter rep took the time to look up your YMME and all of the radiators sold for that vehicle. We can easily do this behind the counter and that print out will have both the original and alternate part numbers.

With this info he can sucsessfully look up your warranty info with all of the radiator numbers in his hand. I have had a few radiators returned after an install due to leakage, keep an eye on your work.

HaHAHa your last few lines brought a smile to my face. I work at a store which was built in 1998 located in the suburbs so our customers demand a lot of attention, at times it can be difficult installing a battery while the store is full of customers but I beleve it is Autozone policy to install if asked.

Listen I have not read all of the posts in this thread but if you plan on holding onto this vehicle for sometime Autozone offers competative prices and with the opportunity to have a lifetime warranty on the parts you buy that is a great piece of mind to have. I hope it all works out for you.


mike *** no not all parts you get have lifetime warranty but if it does i will buy it and the radiator does the regional manager called me and informed me that they had found my warranty it turns out that when i bought the first one it was under a different part number and he asked me who helped me i said i really dont know but he tried everything not complaining about that. anyway i know what i put in my car i had this car for 10 yrs now and i depend on it so i dont cut corners i take it mike you work in or had worked for autozone i know you have to put up with alot of bull *** people wanting you to rebuild there cars in the parking lot and then get pissed when you dont my hat goes off to you i couldnt work in one


DICKson you can buy all the parts in the world but if only 10% of them have a lifetime warranty then that is all that will show up under the warranty lookup. You might be thinking that all the parts you buy have a lifetime warranty but they dont.

Wheel bearings dont, hubs dont, and quite a few other pieces dont.

I would be suprised if they didnt do a damage swap on the spot for you or made an extreme effort to get the radiator in by that day by interstore transfer, the next day from the hub or 4 days from them from vendor direct ordering. I have noticed that most of the customers are angry when they walk in the door and fail to remember half of what the sales rep tells them.


update i guess they got the clue that i wasnt taking this laying down i had gotten an email saying they found my info funny how that works even had a copy of original purchase in 2010 and wish to say thank you yolo for trying to help autozone needs more employees like you i spent 6 hrs on here email everybody from the bbb to complaint sights every regional office and corporate office i could find for auto zone


Yolo you are saying it is a rookie mistake, why are they not trained properly. Plus how does a lifetime warranty runs out?

It is nice of you to offer to help however his car is still down and you suggest he should call you half way across the county. Mybe you could look up the contact information for a big boss in his area so this can be taken care of locally?


i bought the same radiator same part number limited lifetime warranty


There are other ways to finding warranty work. All our systems are hooked up.

I would give you my work number and have you call. I would find it. It only disappears if the warranty runs out, however there is a way to see what you purchased and when. More than likely, either you purchased something that doesn't have lifetime warranty, or you had a rookie ring you out and didn't put in your warranty info, or you have a rookie who doesn't know the tricks to finding the warranty.

If you want me to find it, not sure if there is a way to private msg me here, but give me some info or call me at my store, and let me try finding it for you. I have a way to find it.

I have found a warranty on a man's alternator from 2004, and it was under a phone number that he completely forgot that he had. It took me about 30 min to find it, but he was HAPPY!


Guys the biggest problem the Zone has going for it self and its customers is the lack of training and experience.. You have managers hiring new people with no part or automotive background because the company doesn't want to pay. They hire bodies not qualify employee...



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