Jacksonville, Florida

I work as a Greyshirt at Autozone.Its a lousy place to work.Most of the people who shop here are the *** of the earth!They come into the store drunk,high,or wasted on God knows what!If they are not drunk,high,or wasted,they are looking to shoplift or return items that they have stolen on a previous visit.Autozone is the #1 stop for dirtbags who are on their way to walmart to cash their welfare checks and buy frozen tv dinners with their food stamps and their rusted out,claptrap,piece of sh-t,bald tired,bondomobile has broken down and they need to be home in time to see their cousins on Jerry Springer!Autozone is a great place to meet drunks,deadbeats,druggies,and dwellers of housing projects and trailer parks!

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are you sure your not mad because they beat you to walmart listen im sure walmart will restock the freezer with more 5 for 5 tv dinners and hopefully you showed your mail ordered bride how to use your vhs recorder so you can see jerry springer to until then treat them lowlife customers who are the reason you have a job with a little more respect or go back and pick oranges you ungrateful ***


wow, i can see how you hate your job, but same for me, im a grey shirt and yeah we have a few of those customers come to our store. but also many who are loyal customers.

best way to keep *** customers away is to take down plate numbers and how they act then call the police so that you can keep those type of people away.

Or maybe you just work in the hood. just sayin


:grin Also a grey shirt, couldnt be more true , amen brother man


If you do not like your job then quit so someone else who needs a job can do it and take pride in it. you are the reason for most of these posts. Quit then.



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