Wesley Chapel, Florida
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Auto Zone in New Tampa, Fl. 33647.

Staff is very very Rude, Racist, and unprofessional. I called the district manager and left a message but I guess customer satisfaction isn't important either, considering he hasn't returned my call. Standing in line with 5 quarts of oil and other merchandise in my hand and 3 associates walk right by like they didn't see me. Didn't say nothing, all they had to say was, we will be right with you, didn't speak or nothing.

I cannot believe Auto Zone is allowing this type of behavior. On one occasion I did a return with a receipt product hadn't been opened. I returned it the next day, they gave me the run around, the manager told me to come back after 2:00. I couldn't, so I waited til the next day round 1:00 and called so I wouldn't waste my time or gas.

They told me that they didn't have enough cash to process my refund, can I come after 2:00 so I went after 2:00 and he said let me check and see do I have enough money to refund this. Than he gave me my money back. This is against there return policy they shouldn't open those doors if they can't honor there policies but they don't care and they show it. Shame on you Auto Zone for not hiring people with customer service skills and for not caring about customers satisfaction.

On my last visit one of the employees was bad mouthing one of her coworkers to me and I told her if you have a problem with him tell him and she said I did.

There's so many other incidents that it's pitiful. I only go there because there's not another part store in this area and because I live close to this one other than that I would not go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You'll be surprised how quick they run out of bills in an AutoZone. All debit transactions are refunded as cashback.

When someone buys 100-300 worth of product with debit and returns them because "they didn't need it anymore" we pretty much refund them with physical bills. People like to pay with $20 and $100 bills and we give change out with smaller bills. This creates a huge amount of huge bills and close to none smaller bills

Add that to the amount of refunds given to customers who paid with debit cards and you end up with registers with almost no money left except 20s and 100s.

Garda or other money services only come once a week to refill bills so AutoZone has to conserve all the physical cash they got till then.

It makes no sense to keep a store open if they don't have money in the drawers.

It's not the stores fault that they're getting lots of business. If they had money services coming in more frequently, AutoZone wouldn't have a hard time giving you a refund.


That's nonsense!! I worked for this company for two years and never had that problem.

I worked at the HUB store at that. Granted my register would on occasion run out but that's one reason why you have petty cash its not just for making change you can also do safe to register loans meaning you can borrow money from the safe in order to pay the return.

The only time you can't is if its for a transmission or engine core which is normally paid in credit. If u don't know how to do something ASK SOMEONE if nobody knows call your district manager or 1-800HELPUS1


Hello I'm Justin i do not represent Autozone as a whole or a group not do I express thier opinion on the matter this is my personal opnion

First of the manager bad mouthing employess and it's completely wrong please allow them to correct it as in don't call the district manager CALL THE regional Manager and he'll will rain down on the district manager and that staff as I'm an autozone employee and I can't believe this I'm so sorry about what you had to go through

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