Houston, Texas

I am a manager at auto zone and putting our customers 1st is our top priority! Selling wittdtjr items is to help our customers have the things they need to do the job right...

We push those things so they do. Check out challenge is to offer sales specials to our customers at great prices. No one gets yelled at or hounded, we push these things to convenient our customers with right parts and our current sales,... It's a goal for our team members to do so.

I've never been to an auto zone where I was treated rudely or was not given great customer service. Not everyone who works at ANY part store is ASE certified, but it's also a learning experience and we'll, you can't always hire the best employees for the job and it's not for everyone... But I've been treated with respect and my customers love us ad definitely over any of our competitors any day. My.

Company has been great to me and I absolutely recommend employment there, it's a great company to work for. If you take your job seriously you will strive to be the best at what you are expected to do... I'm. Sorry but to me it just looks like you didn't care enough to take care of your customers and respect your management, and it is a sales position so duh....

You do have to sell. As far as bad parts, I've gotten several bad parts from orielys and Napa way before becoming a part of this team.... Lifetime warranties are on most of these parts for your convenience in case it is defective... And if you have replaced your part that many times then mechanical knowledge would lead you to the final conclusion there is an underlying cause for this pattern of parts failure.

I am a woman, promoted to management within 2 months of being employed, last week was my 1 year anniversary and I'm up for asst.

Manager any day, I love this company,... You obviously did not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

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Do they (Autozone) hire Lazy people?


Your lame and underpayed and u mean nothing to autozone thwy will *** on your ashes

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