San Antonio, Texas
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I just spoke to Audrey in Auto-Zones Customer Service Dept. & was told that the last notes on my acct were for a replacement of the lower control arm that I never recvd. What kind of service training do their reps get? Because it seems like communication & updating customer accounts is not part of it. The rep I spoke to on 2/16 told me she was entering a request for a refund. Today I get told that that request was never entered, but that an order had been placed for a replacement? Needless to say I have neither my money or my part. Of course I shouldn't be surprised because I've also not recvd the courtesy of a response to my many requests for a status update via email or phone call from their "customer service" dept since 2/15. I was just told by Audrey that she would send an "urgent" request for a refund that would take about 3-5 days!!!! This makes day 10 that I have been trying to get this issue resolved.

I am not some maladjusted crybaby. I am a customer & also someone who has worked in the customer service industry for over 15 years. I am in the Quality Control Dept of a Fortune 500 company & I monitor calls daily - working with mgrs., training & our service reps to make sure that our customers are taken care of as quickly & professionally as possible. Why it takes so long to process a refund for a non-receipt is beyond explanation. I understand that the item was a special order, why should that delay the refund process? Why was my acct notated on 2/16 for a replacement & not the refund that I requested? Why have I sent out 4 emails & made 4 phones (for a total of 44 minutes) and still I sit here with no part & no refund? This is one of the worse examples of "customer service" that I have ever seen or recvd.

Damage Resulting = I'm still out $70 for a part I never recvd.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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