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I needed a part for my pickup quickly and looked online and found what I needed at the local Riverhead NY location. I paid online and got the confirming email. After work I went to pick it up and was told they do not have it in stock. I said that i ordered online and was told it was here. One of the stores employees said "never order online, it never works". I was told I could get one 23 miles away or come back tomorrow to Riverhead - 40 miles from my house. They acted like it was so its not thier fault and made it obvious they didn't care. Customer service on the other hand could not help but to email me later on saying that there was a mistake and that it was in the store and I could returen and pick it up. Again, 40 miles.

Heres my mistake. Autozone in my opinion sucks. 3 store employees with the same info gave me three different serpintine belts. I went to Autobarn and got the right part the first time. In all fairness, I have only used the Riverhead, NY store so maybe they are an oddity.

They need to get on the stick.

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Well I don't know about Riverhead Autozone but Shirley Auto Zone is great. I never had a problem except they can't get their stock out on the floor fast enough. I have ordered on line and again no problem....

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