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I bought a pack of flasher bulbs and the employee scanned a pack of "bulb grease" without asking me. That was $1.29 for nothing. Be very careful when checking out at AutoZone.

My understanding is that AutoZone requires its employees to sell bulb grease with every light bulb sale, chemically treated washers with batteries, anti seize grease with spark plugs, etc. It is one thing to recommend a product, but quite another to simply scan it without asking.

I sent an email to AutoZone, but have not received a reply.

This was at the Kingsport, TN AutoZone on East Stone Drive.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Add, me, another unsatisfied Autozone customer to the mix. I purchase a pack of tail light bulbs and the next thing I knew the salesperson laid down a small bag of grease on the counter.

He said to apply a small amount to the metal base to prevent corrosion. Thinking it was a nice gesture on his part (as in free), I said, thanks! However, my appreciation was short lived. With a little quick math in my head, I knew something was wrong with the amount of money he was asking for.

When I left the store I looked at the receipt. Sure enough, there was a $1.49 charge for grease. I had just been duped! What I should have done is went back inside and returned the grease and bulbs both.

I didn't!Unfortunately, for Autozone, they sealed their fate that day.

That is, I made a promise to myself to never return to Autozone again.That is one shoddy business practice! Autozone, you should be ashamed of yourself!!


Same thing to me . Charged for freeze .

Was not asked and did not receive any .

Easton Maryland location. This was the manager


Bulb grease can help prevent corrosion on those tiny contact points that, say, a 194 series bulb has. Lots of blinkers, license plate bulbs and sidemarker bulbs are anything BUT 'sealed' and even then sealed doesn't prevent bulbs and sockets from heating up due to poor contact.

Bulb grease can only help prevent unneeded problems down the road and some bulb assemblies can be VERY problematic to disassemble. Who wants to spend an hour or more on a bulb job because they didn't use $1.29 worth of grease on it the FIRST TIME?


I also want to point out that after working at AZ for a while, I notice a lot of bulb sockets where both the bulb socket and buld itself were corroded to the point of not working unless you wiggle the bulb. Bulb grease can prevent that annoying problem as well.


.01 cents worth of dielectric grease bro..packet is a total rip


those packets of dielectric grease and the like are net profit for the store, that's why you catch *** for not selling enough and no acknowledgement for selling an engine. the other thing is yea it is illegal to charge someone for something without there knowledge but whats the alternative :?

low sales and catching *** from the powers that be because of it :cry i was a store manger for this company for six years and i know what its like to know that maybe one out 15 customers may want battery washers in a given day. but you still have to ask, time consuming BS :( but this is sales nothing more, i now work for the other auto parts store that stats with an a and its the same its about numbers nothing more i posted awhile back about how these companies re sale parts there are a lot of things theses companies do to make a profit but wont own up and if caught they sacrifice the employee


"Who wants to spend an hour or more on a bulb job because they didn't use $1.29 worth of grease on it the FIRST TIME"?Well, I don't think anyone does...but, no one wants to be sold a product without being asked first, either!What is Autozone thinking? Obviously they're not!


It is Illegal for them to sell you the bulb grease without asking. I am a former employee and we were preached at about what would happen if we were caught ringing up anything extra without the customers consent.

You should go back and get the district managers phone number off the store window and call him and file a complaint. They do this to bump their "WITT" score.


This happened to me a couple days ago at an Austin, TX store.


Look folks. 30 yrs ago when bulbs were metal and they were mounted behind the bumpers moisture could get in and corrode things.

In today's autos, everything is sealed up and it is rare to find moisture in sockets. Don't let the parts store folks sell you something you don't need.

Anti-seize and dielectric grease are also good products and have their place on your car. AZ needs to stop letting corporate accountants dictate policy.


just buy the *** .. quit being cheap!!


Send a message to Autozone on their website I had a problem with an Autozone product put in by a local repair shop, contacted Autozone on the website, received an email that day from Corporate Headquarters, was put in touch with a District Manager, and the problem was resolved the next day.


those grease packs are a joke people. they do nothing except seal water out of where water doesnt go unless the lens of the assembly is broken.

They are encouraged as a sale item due to massive markup and add profit to the "less profitable" bulbs that are already over priced by your company. As for attaching anything to another product. It is consumer fraud to do so and then charge for it. Is it really worht the three cents that the grease pack costs the company to risk going to jail for doing somethig so asinine as taping a pack to the bulbs and then charging for it?

I've been designing automotive parts for thirty years and have seen corporate demands get more *** than you can believe, from maximum strength levels that cost more to implement than making a stronger part would, just to sell a new part when the vehicle is at it's life span, instead of increasing it's lifespan, and developing a greater customer following... Management never thinks in the big picture.

@Automotive Engineer

doesn't , go, item, markup, product, worth, something, bulbs,


I work at autozone....our dm is also a *** about selling any and all witt packs....also this is a hard place to do it because we are in the other can a person with well over 10 attendance points get promoted before a person with 4 at most..either full time or gray shirt....and I bust my ***...they don't...seems that the worse you do the bettter off you are...cause doing good don't get you ***


Bye, Bye Loser!


Those grease packs are for the do it your self customers who dont have a shop with a million tools and gallons of aniti seize, and bulb grease. YOU would be wise to use the grease packs they save you money in the long run or you can shut up buy in bulk or just do it WRONG and put nothing on we'll see you or your wife when you send her to the store to replace a over heated light bulbs and we win twice :grin


Your a *** corporate monkey in a company that doesn't give a *** about you. "We win twice". Lol they win twice you get your pennies for being a good pet you *** waste of life lol


Scott says "we encourage our employees to ask the customer" by encourage he means if us as a store is under 100% 3 weeks in a row on the witt score board the entire team gets written up! So yes...there are times we just ring up packets and hope the customer doesnt see...its either that or get written up! more then half the time we sell a battery we just ring up the packets that we tape to the batteries which the customer thinks is included in the price...well they are...for an extra $3!


:grin well what i have got to say is if you call your self a mechanic, you should uses these packs of grese or buy it in bulk you will thank your self down the road, as for selling it i offer it to every customer if they dont buy it oh well but put it this way i have to best indivial score a lot and some times bad, we all have bad weeks, no one will fire you if you try, but you must"""" try""" ok lol

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