Lennon, Michigan
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They charge you sales tax on a core charge then dont reimburse the sales tax on the core when you bring the core in. They say they cant return sales tax but stores do it on returns daily

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Car Part Replacement.

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That's a lie....sales tax is always reimbursed with a core. Worked for autozone 4 years never seen that happen...recheck your receipts you will see it was reimbursed...when an item is reimbursed at a terminal the sales tax dosnt show..however once it is rung up at the register the new receipt will show the core plus the tax...also the extra money will be in your hand.


Depends on your state tax laws. Not all states allow for tax to be refunded on the core deposit.

I'm sure a billion dollar company with 1000's of store is cheating people out of tax money. Why don't you do a little research first.

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