Autozone Car Part Replacement Reviews

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Battery was dead, asked to check alternator. Sold me a battery and made me put it in myself. Car started so they still did not check alternator. Next day car would not start, NEEDED alternator not battery. Nothing but smart remarks and attitude from store clerks, and no apology for wasting my money on a battery! Customer service sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked...
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I didn't like
  • That they only were interested in my money
  • Attitude
They replaced the first but refused the second even though the car would not start at their store and they acknowledged the alternator and starter and connections were all fine. The car starts with a jumper every time. I'm glad to say that my car starts and works great with my new battery I bought elsewhere. Autozone's equipment could not measure that the battery would not hold a load for more than a few minutes and would drop back to 8...
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Ive had to replace 2 alternators from Autozone for my 2007 Sonata. Got smart and put the dealers alternator in the 3rd time and no problem worked perfect. Goodbye Autozone and thanks for my 244.00 monetary loss!! Also, really didnt like being lied to by service manager at AutoZone!! The 2nd alternator I took back, I was told the labor would be paid for. When I got to AutoZone, they quickly did an entire reverse on what they told me on phone....
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The employee came out with this tester and said aw,yeah your battery is killing your alternator so I obviously said fine change the battery for $200.00 bucks then all of the sudden my dash doesn't work he says to me read your manual it should tell you how to reset it Wow... for 200.00 dollars that was my answer huh!!! Where's customer satisfaction duh gone I see well don't worry I will never return to autozone I should have just went to the...
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I went to an Autozone because the battery light on car stayed lighted up even as I was driving and I suspected that this was not normal. The guys at the Autozone location suggested that I needed a new battery and proceeded to install it for me after I paid $150 in the store. I'm monitoring on the side of the car as they were doing the work, and it looks like they dropped something. I asked them, and they told me a component fell. Yet the guy...
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Last Monday, April 18, I took my car to a technical high school shop (EC Goodwin in New Britain, CT) to have it repaired. While they did not inform us that we had to pick up parts, we nonetheless went to your Autozone store in New Britain, CT on Washington St, spending about $520 total in parts to fix my vehicle. We returned them to the school and waited until the car was fixed so I can pick it up. Now, mind you, I am currently the only person...
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They charge you sales tax on a core charge then dont reimburse the sales tax on the core when you bring the core in. They say they cant return sales tax but stores do it on returns daily
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Autozone Car Part Replacement Review

This is the 4th time this needs replacement this intensive repair where the axle has to be removed is not fun and it's costly. So discouraged because I need my vehicle for work which I will call out tomorrow for. Thank you autozone I have lost about 700 dollars because of you guys.