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I went to an Autozone because the battery light on car stayed lighted up even as I was driving and I suspected that this was not normal. The guys at the Autozone location suggested that I needed a new battery and proceeded to install it for me after I paid $150 in the store.

I'm monitoring on the side of the car as they were doing the work, and it looks like they dropped something. I asked them, and they told me a component fell. Yet the guy said nothing after that. The battery light stayed on, but the guys at Autozone said it was nothing and it would go out on its own after I start driving - such FALSE nonsense AND the real problem (alternator) is never even fixed.

They were just concerned about selling the battery to me without caring for the customer's safety.

I went to a mechanic the next morning, and was shocked when I was told that a component was broken near where the battery is. Of course the Auto Zone guys never told me this. I was pissed. So what happened was that Auto Zone sold me the battery when I did NOT even need it, did NOTHING to fix the real problem, and what's more, broke the coolant's cap!

Now I have spent monety to replace a battery that did not need replacing, and even more, have to pay for the component that Auto Zone broke. How do people sleep at night breaking others' cars?!

I am warning everyone out there that let the guys at Auto Zone touch your car AT YOUR OWN RISK. I know for a fact that I am NEVER stepping foot in another Auto Zone in my life again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

  • Horrible Customer Serive
  • No Respect Battery Replacement
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AutoZone employees are not mechanic, it is a courtesy for them to install the battery, YOU allow these employees to install your batteries, they do no charge you, {{Redacted}}


Blame Autozone not the employee. They hire people with no automotive experience and give you *** training on product knowledge and expect them to do a perfect job.

No, they make you take online courses and learn everything yourself.

Need to learn how to change a headlight? Sure, practice on that customers car, you'll get the hang of it...




What kind of a *** lets autozone work on their car?


I know work on your own d*** car.

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