Brook Park, Ohio

I bought a battery from Autozone two years ago. I took the battery in just before the two year free replacement warranty ran out because it would barely hold a charge anymore.

The employee said it wasn't the battery and to have someone look at the charging system. I spent $150, and a day of down time just to have the service center tell me it was the battery. I took the defective battery back to AutoZone and because the free replacement period was now 9 days past they wouldn't replace it for free.

I would have saved more money if I just threw it away. Don't listen to people at AutoZone, they just try and blame someone else for their defective products.

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That happen at me but I empty the battery acid in a plastic bucket I cover the batterie again and I make retest it I spend $1 dll in baking soda to neutralize the acid and guess what they replace it I dont recommend do this if you don't have the correct skills.


I also had a problem with auto zone battery. The Duralast Gold , on five year warranty, marked 112010 ends on 112015, battery went bad 42015 seven month short of warranty dead line.

I take it to auto zone and they put the battery on a charger, firing the battery so it would show that it has a change of 70% .and tells me let me know if you need a bost..

lol.., so I install the battery, it stats up of course , but after an hour later the battery was Dead !! So, I take it back, and that want to charge me $42.00 plus $18.00 on a core, what the~~ heck is that all about any one knows..


I'm going through the same thing right now same battery. I'm at 3 years on a 5 year warranty and they want to charge me $100 for a new one and I paid $135.

Really they just going take 35 off. Autozone is a rip off.


I bought a battery from Autozone on 02/2012 and on a year lather 03/2013 get bad and they replaced free for a new one, On 11/2014 the same thing happen is bad and they said is out of guaranty .

So We are baying only two years of service ,I look to me that the product they are sealing is worthless

and thy are only hoping to less up to pass the warranty........


I too have an issue with autozone batteries.the group 78 battery in my chevy truck was replaced under warranty three and a half years ago at what I considered too high of a price.Well the last three weeks when I try to start my truck the battery is too low to turn the engine over.I charged it up twice and the truck started both times.I then checked the truck for a draw on the battery and the charging system,,both of these checked ok.I recharged the battery and took it to autozone for another replacement.I was told the battery was good and there was nothing they could do.I then checked the battery with a hydrometer and it showed one dead cell and one weak cell.I guess this $125.00 battery is now just a core to some other store.Autozone I won't be back


man to be honest you make it sound has if you thought you would kill the battery and take it back in to get a free battery but they will put it on charge and then do a load test on it to see if it holds if it does it will appear that it would be something else not saying thats what you did you pretty much summed it up in the first two sentences


You must have been at an autozone staffed by complete *** or more likely, you were being a *** to them. A guy getting paid 8 dollars an hour doesn't give a *** about the problems of someone who can't even show them basic common courtesy.

They can do a charging system test in their parking lot in about 3 minutes for FREE, you were a dummy to go to a shop and pay $150 for someone to stick a glorified voltmeter on your battery terminals for 45 seconds. As for your warranty, all you had to do was keep going up a pay grade and explaining your issue of being 9 days out of warranty, and do so in a POLITE fashion and someone would have fixed it for you. Most sales managers would have given you a new one for free if you were a nice guy, a store manager would have definitely given you one, and there's no way in *** a district manager would have told you to pound salt over it.

***, even if they followed the warranty regulations to the letter, after 2 years you start a 5 year pro rated period, so at 9 days in, a new battery would have cost about 10 bucks. Maybe you're just a ***?


If you cant do a basic check of your charging system, as well as check your own battery... You probably shouldn't be replacing your own battery.

The testers at autozone are usually accurate, however, they are electronic and electronics do fail from time to time. Good luck with the rest of your life, as you hold all of that trust in a guy getting paid $7/hr!


You should have gone somewhere else....

Ive always warranty my battery with them and never had a problem.

It was just your Autozone


Its actually a lot easier for me as an autozoner to swap a customers battery for free. It takes less time then selling you something plus we it's way easier to make you happy(the battery is the problem here is a free one).

For $8- $9 an hour we are not as reliable as a licensed mechanic, but also we dont care either way about sales or returns because we are in absolutely no way graded in our performance by returns. 100% of the time I will warranty something for a customer if possible because it is simply easier for me and the customer.

Autozone employees are at the mercy of the battery testers when it comes to testing the starting/charging system.

I have seen seen the testers be wrong many times and would suggest that wherever you go; Autozone, O'Reilly, Walmart, the dealership; you always have them use at least two different testers to be certain you identify the correct problem. Please dont hold all 60,000 of us at autozone accountable for the error of one

John N

Actually, there is a way to check and see if it the batter or not. When I took a battery in to Batteries Plus a few years ago, the guy put it on some machine---like a battery charger on wheels---and left it on there for about 15 minutes.

He then told me it was the battery, not the car's charging system. So, I suspect the goofballs at Autozone either were too lazy to do that for you and just gave you the "it's your charging system" BS, or they don't have that machine. If they don't, then I recommend people buy their new batteries at Batteries Plus or a similar store that deals solely in batteries.

The prices are comparable and they actually know all about batteries. Unlike AutoZone which sells much more than batteries and, let's be frank, does not attract the most intelligent people to work for them.

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