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If a repair shop (All Tune In my case) installs an Autozone Duralast battery and if fails, Autozone will NOT honor the warranty! All Tune & Lube @12490 NW Fwy Houston, TX installed a 36R-12 (7 Yr) battery on 11-14-2007. Failed 6-29-2010. 19 months service on 84 month battery. Run around starts with All Tune who tells me to go to Autozone and Autozone tells me to go to ***!! I was told by Autozone that your warranty is between you and the one who installed it. So beware if you have a Don'tLast battery installed!!

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I'm assuming the shop who installed your battery for you also purchased it for you via their commercial account? In that case, yes for a warranty issue you would have to talk to the shop, who in turn will contact autozone, and the warranty will be processed that way, since technically, autozone sold the shop a battery, they didn't sell you a battery.

I know it sounds kind of odd but as far as having the proper paper trail for a warranty, that's how it has to be done. As for a "Dontlast battery," it doesn't really matter where you buy your battery dude.

Almost all of them are made by the same people who then just stick different covers and labels on them. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

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