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I started my car with no jump and drove to Autozone to get an electrical test. I thought my battery needed replaced but wanted the test to see if there were any other issues.

First guy came out and started the test and said my battery was at 0% charge and it needed replaced. Seems odd for 0% as I just started it with no assistance and drove there. He also told me I needed an alternator. That is odd too because I know in order to check the alternator the car needs to be running and I never started it during the test.

Anyway I buy a new battery and they hand me tools and don't offer any help what so ever, being a mechanic i don't make a deal out of it and change it. I come back in and ask if I can get another electrical test so I can see if my alternator is actually bad. The same guy comes out and says the brand new battery reads 0% and it's probably my cables are bad. Oh and I probably need an alternator.

So I ask to speak with the manager and he said he will come right out but he is busy. After waiting 24 minutes I walk in and the manager Jayce is not doing anything. I ask if he was the manager and he said yes and he can't go outside the store. No big deal I get that, so I explain that both tests showed 0% for my old and brand new battery and I wanted someone else to check my car.

He tells me his guys are all trained the same and won't send anyone else out. I tell him that I drove my car there without jumping it ect ect.. So He then Runs a check on my old battery and said it read 60% ( notice not 0% ) confirming the first test was bad. So I ask if he can send someone else to check my car and he is very reluctant but finally Jayce sends out another employee.

PK discovers the new battery is good ( not 0% ) and asks me to start my car for the first time since I got there to actually test my alternator and it came back as good and charging in normal range. If I would not have asked for a second employee to check I would have ended up replacing a perfectly good alternator. Not only did Jayce talk down to me but he was very uncooperative until I asked what his name was. He only sent the second employee out after I explained to him why it is impossible to check an alternator without having the engine running.

Guess I was right Jayce from the Donelson Pike, Nashville Tn store. The first employee who failed to run the test correct and saying I needed a new alternator was wrong. I never lost my temper and stayed calm, Jayce tried to convince me his first tech knew his job and that I needed cables and an alternator, it was only after I explained multiple times how the first test wasn't good did he agree to send out the second employee. I also think he only did it because he just wanted me to leave.

As I thanked the second employee for helping I noticed a female getting her battery changed for her by an employee.

Guess only females get offered that treatment.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Maybe if you went and had a diagnosis done by someone who actually went to school for automotive repair you would have had the proper diagnosis. A dead battery on a car that still runs fine is usually a sign of a bad battery, however...a dead battery and a low electrical level in a running vehicle show the signs of a bad alternator...and believe it or not, sometimes tightening the belt on your car can fix the problem.

Certain vehicles they do not install batteries on, depending on how long it would take and if any other parts had to be removed


I guess you missed the third paragraph where the man said he is a mechanic. Depending on where a mechanic works, they can be charged for the same services offered for free at AZ.

He bought a battery, just wanted the codes run before leaving. For all we know, he was out of state visiting family and didn't have accessible equipment (aka the code machine).

I'm pretty sure the OP knows about his car. If he didn't, he would've spent a lot more money and he wouldn't have been able to explain to the manager about why the car had to be running to test the alternator.

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