Los Angeles, California

Isacc Ramirez

3230 Athol St

Baldwin Park, CA 91706

May 28, 2011


Costumer Service Department

Dear Costumer Service Department:

I am writing this letter regarding a product I purchased from AUTOZONE store located at 14103 Ramona Blvd Baldwin Park CA 91706

Bad Customer Service, Horrible refund system and no manager assistance at any time.

I paid around $17.00 for a car fan. Payment was made by credit card. The name of my credit card is Chase.

I contacted Jose R (? Manager) on May 28, 2011, and explained that the product was unsatisfactory and that I wanted at least a credit store.

Jose R in a arrogant way said "No" the product has to be in resalable condition, after I insisted in getting a little bit of help of his experience and a tool to reassemble the fan. He said No.

Note: Store manager was standing next right to us without saying anything.

I had to come back home 15min away from the store to put the fan back on it's original package, once I did it, I returned to the Auto zone store to see if I could get at least credit in the store for this item.

Once I arrived to the store I told Jose R "I want to talk to the manager". He told me " Come in one hour the manager is not here right now". I proceeded to have a conversation with him. After Jose R. revised the product, He told me "this item doesn't look like the one you brought earlier" this comment was very offensive to me and made me feel like if I was a liar. He finally said there was nothing to do because I didn't have a proof of purchase. I walked out of the store with my 10 years old son. We felt really bad for the kind of costumer service and because we feel discriminated because my English is poor; even though Jose R spoke to us in Spanish at the beginning of the conversation he decided to speak only English.

Finally I just want to mention that this store doesn't provide good service, inefficient refund policy, manager isn't in the costumer's side, neither a good complain system. Sometime we don't have time to wait 1 hour in a car store to file a complain.

Failure to receive an appropriate response to this problem has prompted me to write directly to you.

To resolve the problem, please refund the full purchase price of $16.00.

If the product must be returned to you, please make arrangements to pay for the expenses of the return.

Enclosed are copies of my records, including Credit Card Transaction.

I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding my problem. I will wait 5 days before seeking further assistance.

Please contact me if you have questions or need additional information. I may be contacted by e-mail at isaccramirez@yahoo.com.


Isacc Ramirez

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Amen, AZ STMGR! I've seen a couple employees make other customers wait in line while they harass some poor guy about a $15 part.

I also have several regular customers through the years that became lifetime customers because another parts store has a horrible return policy. The "higher-ups" at AZ know that it's more important to treat the customer as #1 (I know my pledge :) ), take back that $16 part, and keep the customer, than it is to loose a customer and have bad reviews.


Oh come on now, it was only a $16.00 dollar part. As a store manager I was told to give a Duralast Battery to a customer that came in with an Autolite battery that was a year old.

The customers insisted he bought it at AZ.He was given the Battery with warranty and all. CV shaft totally destroyed by customer. Damage swap. If that what AZ wants that what u do.

You don't own the store. Just take care of the customer. It's not coming out of your pocket.Why do u act like it's costing u. I had the same problem u have.

But I realized that's what AZ wants. TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER.

It doesn't cost u a penny.I can go on and on of product abuse by customers and tell u all kind of stories as a 10 yr zoner 9 of them as a store manager. But the bottom line is take care of the customer, what so hard about that?


scott why would you contact this customer and many others it is so frustrating to see time and time again autozone give away her hard earned money and our stores hard earned sales to ungrateful customers who cant read and dont listen when they by parts and installthen completely ruin them and then decide to return them and we just eat a 100 sensor, yet i get so much pressure to sell coc and witt cause it helps the avg ticket. i wish management and regional staff would for once get behind the managers and tyell some of these customers to take responsibility and if they dont know how to work on a car go to a shop dont watse our time resources and product parts swapping then get mad at us cause we dont "fix" tyour car


Scott, read the complaint!

Person tried to return merchandise without package, receipt, and disassembled. He then wanted the employee to reassemble what he took apart and then given a full refund of his money.

He then returned with a fan in a package that oviously wasn't the one he presented to the employee earlier.

This "customer" then claims that because of his poor English he was treated badly but the employee spoke to him in Spanish. Also, if you read the receipt you will see that the employee was following written AutoZone policy.


Mr Ramirez please contact me concerning your complaint scott.koch@autozone.com

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