Fair Lawn, New Jersey

I am an Autozone employee and while I do agree that this company has poor employee handling I also realize that the reason it's a terrible place is because its a poor fit as a job for someone like me. So it's partly because of me that it's not a great place to work.

I am a independent, open minded, free-thinking person which is definitely not the type of person autozone should have working for them. Not that there is anything wrong with being that type of person, I mean my people skills are terrific and I have many satisfied customers that ask for me by name because I am genuinely interested in helping customers and I am also quite knowledgeable in the automotive field so I usually get people the right part the first time, however, this doesn't mean autozone is the best place for me to work. Should I work with people? Definitely!

Should I work in auto parts? Maybe. But autozone has no tolerance for someone who thinks for themselves and can recognize poor management or knows when and when not to do things a certain way. They want mindless drones that shut up and do what they're told.

A robot workforce that can do the same thing all day without a glitch. Their idea of 1-team which is meant to sound as if we should all work together toward the same goal is a poor one size fits all mentality that really means a team of people with the same mindless actions. Sgain to reiterate, it's partly my fault for assuming it would be a good fit, however I wasn't exactly aware of some of the regular practices there either.

am I moving on, absolutely! As a final thought the people who posted about violating policy by posting, shut the *** up, I know how it irritates the pro-autozone people when you speak your mind.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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