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I've always been a fan of autozone. I've always perfer autozone from all the other auto parts store but this time i think i might just change my mind.

I'm from albemarle north carolina and as long as i can remember i have never ever experience what i experience today. Earlier today i went in to buy some brake pads for my sister 97 honda civic ex and the guy that helped me was really nice and helpful. So i got the part and went home. So i got into the install and turned out he had gave me the wrong part.

I can understand everyone makes mistake. So took the new part and the old part back to see if i can get it exchange for the right part. When i got there there was another guy that was there and i told him i had got the wrong part and need to change it out.this guy was big and fat (not to be rude) and has glasses on and had kinda grayesh white hair. Before i can even say what year my car was he then said " well i cant do that unless i know your car".

Well i was like "ok". So he proceeded to look up the part and i proceeded to put the part the old part down on the counter, he then looked at me and said in a rude tone "don't put that dirty part down on my clean counter". So i was thinking to myself and wonder what the heck did he just say? He got the part and everything and all and as i proceed to pay and walk out he then said in a rude tone again " hey life happens".

I dont even know what he ment by that.

So i just walked out shocked and said to myself "well that was messed up". I have never experience that at autozone in albemarle before and if thats the service i can expect then i might have to go to another auto parts store to buy my parts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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haha autozone is the worst but I'm happy that employee did that to you I used to work at autozone and we All talk *** and hate you behind your back

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