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I am a Part Sales Manager at Autozone. I have been here for a few years now and i can honestly say it is the worst job I have ever had.

Not because of the costumers, they are awesome 90% of the time, but because of other employees including store managers and district managers especially. One these dum *** don't want to promote the hard working people in the store, they rather go out and higher people that know nothing about cars and make them managers. Then when they mess stuff up the want to blame the hard working people who does not get the proper recognition at all. I have had a couple store managers but they are all the same, they just feed you the *** that the District manager tells them to.

These Dm's would come in the store and stand in a corner and watch your every move and no matter how perfect you might execute they will have some negative *** to say. You could even be working you *** off with 10 costumers, but if you miss saying hello to one they are ready to fire you .. like they dont see a full store, why not bring your *** over and help DUMMY...Speaking of DM's The worst ones I have had are Nardia and Tony who are still DM's today. Nardia would come in and make people cry she is so disrespectful, always complain about sales like we ae suppose to drag costumers in the store by their legs.

Tony on the other hand is the biggest sexist i know all he does is smash all these chicks he forces store managers to hire. This guy would let the store manager cut ours of the guys and most of these girls end up with crazy overtime --power to the women, no bad judgment intended--. Anyways back to the point, if you can go to work and ignore loads of bs and *** superiors, then this is the job for you.

Don't try complaining to no one either in any other department because they are all friends under one building sitting next to each other plotting on how to get rid of you. So do what you do to make a honest living and just help the costumers the right way.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I too was a PSM at AutoZone and can completely agree. I was in several years back.

Around 2006. Every word that's posted from this persons post I can verify as being truth.

It obviously hasn't changed either. Pretty sad

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