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had the most frustrating experience at the local Autozone store. My '08 Honda is giving me battery problems. I go to the store to check it. I wait my turn on line. The clerk goes right out to the front of the store with me to check my battery. He checks my alternator with the car running and my battery with the car off. The reader shows "Bad Battery." I go inside with him to see if they have my battery he says they don't and they can't get it so try some place else. I go outside and try and re-start my car but nothing. The car won't start. I need a jump.

I go back to the clerk who just helped me and he says he can't cause he is a cashier to go back on line. There are seven people on line now. I tell him I already waited on line. There is no reason for me to go on line again. He brushes me off. Well, I started looking for the manager. I found someone and he said he would help. He didn't. He never came to the front of the store. He just disappeared.

I finally got to the manager. He acted nonchalant. No big deal. He will help me he says. I waited and then waited some more until he got to everyone on the line. Once the store was clear they helped me. It took him all of 10 seconds to boost my battery.

I never received an apology. As I was leaving with the boost the manager gave me, I saw the clerk outside helping another person and I asked why he didn't just boost me when it took only 10 seconds. He said it was "store policy!" I guess the store policy is to embarrass, frustrate and ignore customers

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So then, they owe you an apology for testing your battery and alternator for free, and for jump starting your car, again, for free. Had you gone to a shop you would have waited 3 hours and paid a hundred bucks. No apology there, either.


I agree with you! If its a free service then wait your *** turn!

We'd rather help customers that are here to buy parts then to help those who need free service ***. We don't get paid extra for that ***.


You got a free service from the employee and then you wanted another free service NOW. You wanted them to ignore all other customers ahead of you so you could get a free jump start. You paid nothing but got two free services and are still complaining.


So an employee of a PARTS STORE not a repair shop couldn't do a FREE service for you fast enough. Well I guess they are really bad people, they should have told all the other people that they needed to wait because you needed a battery jump. People like you are the reason that we have so many problems in this world, the next time you have a car problem take it to a REPAIR SHOP and pay someone to fix it.


The policy is that the customers in the store have to be taken care of before addition outside work. And the customers inside the store take a back seat to phone calls.

Depending on how many employees were there at the time they have to stay with the customers inside. I have had to have customer wait an hour for a check engine light check. When your asking for a free service they want us to take care of the paying customers.

Do I think AutoZone is right? No.

Do I think you were in the wrong? Kind of because it is not their fault your car wouldn't start and they could have tried to help you sooner to at least explain why it took so long to get to you.

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