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I was told whenever buying battery form Autozone, for warranty purpose all I need to provide is to provide my phone number which is not true.

When I bought in to the store, somehow my battery info was not tied to my phone number. The store manager inspected my duralast gold and while he agreed it was indeed an Autozone battery, he refuse to do anything as it's not tied to my phone number.

I contacted Autozone customer service online and was respond from the regional manager Evis Husejnovic.

Not only he refused to help, he then start accusing me that I didn't buy the batter from Autozone and hung up on me. It was a very frustrating experience especially the insult from the upper management. With this kind of person running the business I will never buy anything from Autozone again.

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Many people buy a car with a AZ battery in it or buy a used one out of the junk yard and try to get warr on the battery, they are not covered. Also other have 15 different phone numbers in a year (there are still ways to find warr info with no number) However we can not delete your info, if you buy a batt the info is there. If you bought the battery threw a shop, try them

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